The Humiliation of Redman Dane (Chapter Three)

More Humiliation for Redman

Unlucky Redman finds himself in another uncomfortable and embarrassing predicament.

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WARNING: this features young a young male being disciplined and humiliated by females

 The Humiliation of Redman Dane

Chapter Three

It had taken the labourers over seven hours to free young Redman Dane from the partially collapsed chimney breast in which he was trapped. For all those hours Redman had to remain stuck in the same uncomfortable and humiliating position. His bare bottom, the only part of him which was visible, fully exposed and thrust out of the tiny gap, in what was left of the dumb waiter, complete with a huge cucumber sticking out of his tight anus, into which, a goodly portion of the salad vegetable had been rammed.

Over the hours during which Redman remained trapped, a succession of staff members found excuses to visit the basement kitchen where they could enjoy the sight of their employer’s much disliked son’s humiliation. From his position, within the chimney breast, Redman could not see them, but he knew they were there, due to the stifled giggles and sniggers his acute sense of hearing could pick up through the wall, the awareness of their presence adding greatly to his mortification.

He suspected, without proof, that the workmen were deliberately taking their time, in order to prolong his ordeal. The proof that he was 100% correct, was written on the burley men’s grinning faces hidden from him. behind the ancient, crumbling, brickwork.

It was not until mid-Afternoon, that he was finally freed and the men lifted him out of the hole in the wall they had created , and placed him on a old Crimean war stretcher which they had found stored in the sub basement, beneath the kitchen.

To Redman’s dismay, he found that, due to the combined effect of the unnatural “folded double” position he had been in so long, and the fact that the cucumber was pressing on an internal nerve, he was initially unable to straighten up or lie on his back. Consequently he was required to crouch, “doggy style” on the stretcher, with his bare bottom raised and the protruding cucumber pointing upwards, like a triumphant conqueror’s flagpole on a snowy summit.

It was in this position that the workmen carried him, on the stretcher through the house, past a grinning crowd of household servants and guests, all of them almost as delighted by what they were viewing as Redman was mortified at being the subject of such an exposed and demeaning spectacle.

Adding to his misery was the sight of young Assumpta Bottomley, the temptress who his planned assignation with had resulted in his humiliating downfall. standing on the stairway watching as he was carried past. The woman he had hoped to deflower was now observing his disgrace, with a mocking glint in her eye.

In addition, they were just crossing the hallway when Redman’s stepmother, Lady Eloise Dane, arrived home from calling on friends, and stood, still wearing her shawl, amazed at what she was seeing.

Redman had mixed feelings for his stepmother, she was only about 12 years older than him, and a handsome woman. Whilst he had long resented her as an intruder in the family, at the same time, as he grew into adulthood, he had begun to find her sexually alluring.


These complex emotions added a sharp sting to the embarrassment to the fact when was witnessing him in this state. How would he ever live this day down?

In addition to the mortifying sense of humiliation, Redman’s conflicted emotions also included a feeling of white hot fury primarily directed at Ruth Gallagher, who had predictably taken control of the situation, and was barking instructions at the workmen.

Irrationally, Redman blamed her primarily for what had happened to him, he was certain it was she who had been prowling the upstairs corridors, casing his ill fated decision to hide in the old, and, as it turn out, very fragile dumb waiter.

The fact that it was his desire to enjoy the pleasures of the fair Assumpta which had led to his unfortunate encounter with her mother and subsequent naked misadventure, would have required a fair analysis, and Reman was in no mood for fairness.

Miss Galagher instructed the men to carry the stretcher into a small wood panelled chamber, with a large stained glass window, in the west wing of the house which had been hastily set up as a medical room.

Put Young Master Redman on the table!” she said pointing to a high wooden table draped with a dark brown blanket.

As instructed the, still grinning, men lifted Reman from the stretcher and placed him on the table, still kneeling and with the cucumber still sticking resolutely out of his bottom, like the tail of the “doggie” which was comically reflected in the pose which the young aristocrat had been forced to adopt.

In addition to Miss Gallagher and Redman’s stepmother, who had followed them into the room. there was a tall blonde woman in her early 40’s in a nurses’ uniform standing by the window, but no sign of the local doctor.

Dr McLaggan has been called to an accident at the mine” explained Miss Gallagher “There have been many injuries. So he has sent Mavis Bumble, the practise nurse to attend to you!”

The Doctor need to get his priorities correct!” snapped Redman, he haughty arrogance melding incongruously with his humiliatingly compromised situation “I’m more important than a few bruised tunnel diggers!”

He cast a scornful glance at Nurse Bumble “If I have to be manhandled by a lowly nurse, you had better get on with it woman!”

Nurse Bumble, suppressed the impulse to respond sharply to the handsome but obnoxious young patient, however, her professional pride was affronted and she seethed inside. As a nurse she was renowned for the gentleness of her healing hands, however, with a flash of anger she resolved to be somewhat less gentle with Redman Dane.

I will do my best Sir!” she murmured “despite my inadequacies …….!”

She stepped forward and spent a little longer than necessary studying Redman’s remarkably well proportioned bottom and the large salad vegetable protruding from it.

She then took hold of the cucumber and attempted to wiggle it, barely resisting the impulse to grin at the sound of Reman’s involuntary gasp. “Hmmmm!” she said “This has been rammed into the passage very tightly, and it seems to be quite deeply in!”

Very deep!” grumbled Redman

With due respect Sir, you really should not put objects up there you could damage yourself!”

I didn’t put it there you stupid woman!” growled Redman “I was assaulted! …. now get the damn thing out!!”

As you say Sir!” purred Nurse Bumble, who was by now a seriously angry woman “she grabbed hold of the cucumber between a tight fist and and gave it a vigorous wiggle, causing Redman to curse angrily.

Be careful woman! That hurts!” He snapped

I have to be forceful sir, it is in deep and will not come out easily!”

Could you try rotating it nurse?” enquired Lady Dane

Or perhaps you could see if you can push it in and out?” suggested Miss Gallagher helpfully.

Redman flinched with a mixture shame and horror at this three females taking such an interest in the most private and intimate part of his body and his humiliating predicament.

Secretly delighted at the opportunity to make Redman’s ordeal as uncomfortable as she could, Nurse Bumble was happy to attempt both of the ladies’ suggestions. Although her attempts to rotate the cucumber were unsuccessful, attempting to push the object in and out provided a more positive outcome and she was able to feel the cucumber begin to move.

Redman’s reaction was significantly less positive as he realise to his outrage and horror, that he was effectively being anally violated.

You are damn well fucking me woman!” he cried

LANGUAGE Redman!” snapped Lady Dane, “How dare you speak that tavern language in front of me! …. the nurse is just doing her job!”

Behave boy!” commanded Miss Gallagher

Redman was left with no option to obey and endure, he lowered his head into his hands and wished for death.

Finally, after Redman had suffered many more long minutes of discomfort and humiliation, the nurse succeed in extracting the very stubborn cucumber from the tight orifice unto which it had been embedded.

However, that was not the end of Redman’s humiliating ordeal, for he then was obliged to stand, naked and ashamed in front of the two very serious ladies, as they lectured him about his behaviour, and how he had shamed his family in front of the staff and local yeomen.

This further humiliation merely served to rub salt into his already tender and damaged pride.

Redman did not dress for dinner that evening and his place at the dining table was empty, as it’s usual occupant remained in his bedroom sulking and reluctant to show his face after such a humiliating experience.

As he lay naked on his bed thinking about what had happened, his embarrassment began to transform into anger and then fury. The anger was directed at one person. Irrational at it might be, he blamed Ruth Gallagher for what had befallen him.

The sound of her, now hated voice and cruel laughter echoed through his head as he recalled her standing there, next to his step mother, a mocking expression on her face as she supervised the various humiliating ordeals he had recently suffered.

As the hours passed, Redman became more and more determined to achieve revenge for the indignity and humiliation he had suffered. He was a man, he was the second son of one of the richest families in the county, he would not be mocked and shamed by an old woman, who was, after all, no more than a servant.

Vengeance was his due, and it would be sweet when it was achieved. Ruth Gallagher would pay dearly for her mockery, it only remained to decide how to do it.


The answer to Redman’s dilemma arrived two days later in the form of Lady Amelia Fortescue-Dane, Redman’s magnificently wealthy Aunt, on one of her regular visits to see the family and dote on her favourite and most handsome nephew.

Redman was generally conflicted by his aunt’s affection for him, she had an irritating habit of speaking to him as if he was a mischievous but indulged child, which could be highly embarrassing. However, she was also his guarantee of great wealth when she passed, and he would tolerate anything for the sake of that expectation.

You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!” cooed Lady Amelia ”I used to just adore watching your nurse powdering your lovely little pink bottom!! I had to fight the temptation to give it a little smack!”

Redman endeavoured to smile politely at the story he had heard fifty times before “The old mare is now going to say she’ sure my damn arse still looks the same!” he thought as he inwardly cringed with embarrassment, and wished his step mother wasn’t standing next to him listening to it all.

I am sure your little bottom is still as adorable, and in need of some more powder, and maybe a smack!”

I am sure I don’t deserve a smack Aunt!” replied Redman through gritted terth

I am not so sure about that!” murmered Elouise, his stepmother, dryly.

Despite his irritation at the conversation, Redman was especially preoccupied with one object, the magnificent necklace of diamonds and pearly which hung round the old lady’s neck.

Lady Amelia variously claimed the necklace had been given to her by a Hungarian count, who had once been her lover, or it was a family heirloom passed down through the generations. Whatever the truth, it was renowned to be of great value and likely to be swiftly sold, were Redman to inherit it.

However. As of now, Redman had more immediate plans for the necklace, which would suit his current plans very well indeed.


It was mid morning the following day when Redman’s vallet Able Griffiths was passing a corridor on the third floor, where the more senior behold staff had their rooms when he spotted a sight which made him instantly suspicious.

He saw his master, young Redman Dane exiting a room which, as far Griffiths was aware, he would have little if any cause to enter. There was also a surreptitious manner to Redman’s body language, as he glanced around nervously, which convinced Griffiths that his handsome young master was up to no good.

Griffith watched as Redman quietly shut the door behind him and hurried down the corridor, once again, hos movements seemed secretive, confirming his man servant’s suspicion that he had been up to something underhand.

Grifiths was well aware of Redman’s malicious nature, and guessed that whatever, the reason for his secretive presence in those rooms, it would not be in usual inhabitant’s best interests. It was pure good chance he was there to witness it. He grinned to himself, he had enjoyed watching Redman’s humiliating comeuppance at the hands of the Governess and the maid, maybe he would soon get to observe similar entertainment.


Ruth Galagher, together with the Housekeeper and Head Butler, was one of small number of the Household retinue, who was well thought of by the family and who was of sufficient seniority, to have their own rooms on the third floor of the large manor house. These included a tiny parlour, where she spent most evening’s in comfort, reading, sewing, playing the piano, or occasionally entertaining one of the, much younger, footman.

It was out of Ruth’s parlour that Griffiths had spotted Redman creeping earlier that day. Griffiths had hurried to tell the Governess what he had seen, and they had come straight to the parlour to search for what had been hidden there.

It did not take them long to find it, Griffith felt inside a Vase on the mantle piece and lifted out what he found there, before holding it up, glittering in the light.

Well, well!” he said “Lady Fortescue-Dane’s gems!”

For a moment even Ruth was shocked “The young rogue, must have planted them, so I would be blamed for their theft!” she gasped “I know he was always a spiteful boy but I didn’t think he could be that vindictive!”

He’ll be sorry when we report this to her Ladyship!” said Griffith , who was less surprised, as Redman’s Valet he was well placed to understand his young master’s character.

Not so fast!” said Ruth, quickly regaining her composure. “We need to handle this the right way, we have the opportunity to teach young Master Redman Dane a lesson he will never forget!”

Griffin met the older woman’s eyes, and instantly recognised a kindred soul. They gave each other a wicked grin, they were going to enjoy the game they were about to play.

Redman, however, would not enjoy it, not at all!

To be continued


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