The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 1)

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 17 (Part 1)

Jordan jumped quickly into the car and slammed the door behind him, and to his relief, successful preventing any of the angry wasps from following him inside the vehicle.

As soon as his naked passenger was safely inside the Ranger put his foot on the gas and the car sped off down the road, until they were safely our of range of the pursuing swarm.

Where have you been sport?” the ranger shouted over the roar of the engine “Your Dad has been frantic with worry …. he’s not a happy man!”

Jordan, struggled to explain how he had come to be in this predicament, he considered explaining about Cindy-Mae abandoning him naked, but something told him the Ranger would find that funny, which would make it all the more embarrassing, so he just shrugged and said “guess I got lost!”

Once he has slowed down, the ranger glanced over at Jordan, who was perched in an awkward position, with the palms of his hands pressed down against the seat with his bottom raised, keeping it was hovering just above the plastic surface of the seat. “Sit properly Sport” he ordered gruffly.

I can’t” mumbled Jordan miserably

What do you mean, you ‘can’t’?”

Because I just can’t!” growled Jordan moodily

Why not?”

….burnt asshole!” muttered Jordan


I burnt my asshole, okay!!” was Jordan’s snapped reply “I slipped and sat on an electric fence …. then this Hillbilly retard stuck a carrot up there …. a real big carrot!”

A Carrot?” the ranger struggled not to laugh “Why did he do that?”

Dunno … guess he was a pervert or something, then his brother stuffed nettles and poison oak up ….”

huh? Why ….?”

‘cos he said I was a chicken!”

WOW! That’s bad sport!” replied the ranger giving a passing, if heavily faked, impression of compassion “You had a bad day!”

And just now ..” wailed Jordan “A Godamn hornet stung me …… on the butt hole!” he gave the ranger a pitiful look, and it hurts like hell!!

Now that is bad news fella’ “ replied the Ranger “You might have serious damage ….. down there!” he said “I better take you straight to see the Doc!”

Jordan instantly recoiled at the word “Doc” he had no wish to go anywhere near Dr Schultz and his damn needles “ I’m okay … honest!”

Don’t be dumb Jordan, the Doc needs to check you over, just in case. After all a singed, stretched and double stung anus isn’t anything to laugh at!”

Do you see me laughing?” snapped Jordan

Don’t be impudent kid!” barked the ranger “Or you’ll go over my knee despite your barbecued butt button!”

Jordan flinched visibly at the the ranger’s tone “S..Sorry Sir!” he stammered “I’m just sore!”

Okay… We will stop at the infirmary on the way home!”

Aww Officer!” whined Jordan “Not Doc Schultz, he has … odd methods!, couldn’t we go to Dr Hotcrutch … Uh I mean Dr Hutchins, she’s much better!”

Don’t be Dumb Jordan!” Laughed the Ranger” Lois Hutchins is a sports masseur, Boy’s rectums are not her area of expertise … Whereas Dr Schultz is a … er … specialist in the subject of boy’s back doors!”

Expert ‘cos he’s a damned perv” thought Jordan, sensibly keeping that observation to himself, before saying out loud “Fu … uh …I mean darn!” grumbled Jordan “Isn’t there another doctor I could go to?”

Don’t be a jerk Sport” replied the Ranger Doc Schultz is the best medic in town …. and besides he know your medical history. Us grown ups know best! We are going to Dr Schultz whether you like it or not!”

Although resenting the implication that at 19 he was not a “grown up”, Jordan reluctantly accepted defeat and grumpily sunk down in his seat, only to quickly raise his bottom again the moment it landed on the still hot plastic car seat. “Ouch!”

The Ranger appeared to have chosen a far more bumpy route back to town, than the one which Jordan and Cindy-Mae had taken up to the lake, or at least it seemed much more bumpy, given Jordan now had a far more tender backside. However, finally, after Jordan had endured a very long and uncomfortable journey, they eventually pulled up outside the Infirmary.

Again, Jordan was in the predicament of having to enter the infirmary, pass the reception area and crowded waiting room, stark naked and with a sore red bottom. “I need something to cover myself with” he pleaded.

Hold on Sport” replied the Ranger, “I think there is an old blanket in the trunk, that should at least give you some cover!”

Although not ideal, the old rug would, as the ranger had suggested, give him some cover as he entered the medical centre, so Jordan reluctantly took it and wrapped it around himself. People might still look, but, at least he wouldn’t be naked. Perhaps people would assume he had been in an accident, and was wearing clothes beneath the blanket.

However, once they had left the car and entered the foyer of the centre, he realised that people were not reacting in the way he had anticipated. Instead of just looking at him as he expected, they were pointing and laughing at him.

W…what’s going on?” he asked


The Ranger turned to look at him, and then let out a guffaw of laughter “Well, sport it appears some bugs have making been making a meal of that ‘ol blanket. Maybe moths, beetles or even could be ‘CEE-Kay-dahs’ have eaten a great big hole in it! ‘an that cute little tail ‘o yourn is on show ‘t the world!!”

Horrified, Jordan looked back and caught sight of his reflection in the window glass and saw there was a huge hole in the blanket, through which his bare blushing pink bottom was fully exposed. “Oh Fuck!” he cried in mortified embarrassment “Get me out of here!”

No problem Sport” chuckled the Ranger “We can use the elevator, that will be better than walking up three flights of stairs with your ass on full show!”

They hurried across the lobby, as Jordan unsuccessfully attempted to cover his exposed bottom with his hands. Once they reached the elevator the ranger pressed the button, as Jordan anxiously waited for the doors to open, but they did not open. In another bout of Jordan’s bad luck, at that moment three maintenance men were on the ninth floor moving furniture, and one large desk, which they had unwisely attempted to carry into the elevator had become stuck, wedging the doors open, and preventing the contraption from descending to the ground floor.

Hence, while an unhappy and humiliated and increasingly frantic Jordan waited on the ground floor, nine floors above him, three muscular workmen were struggling to move a desk and release the doors which continues to hold up the lift.

A crowd had now gathered, all giggling laughing and pointing at Jordan’s embarrassed and unsuccessful attempts to cover his exposed bare backside. Our handsome young hero’s only wish was to escape from the prying eyes and hide himself “We will have to use the stairs!” he gasped, turning away from the stubbornly un-opening elevator door and hurrying towards the open staircase at the far end of the lobby.

The ranger sauntered casually after him “That sure is a perty sight!” he drawled watching Jordan’s bare bottom juggling up and down as he hurried.

Jordan literally bounded up the stairs, and, to his relief was soon out of view of the watching crowd. However, his relief was soon replaced by a glum sense of impending doom as he approached the door to Dr Schultz’s office.

For a moment, Jordan stood outside the door, reluctant to knock, however, he was then joined by the ranger, who immediately rapped on the door. There was a brief pause, before the doctor opened the door, and ushered the two in. To Jordan’s annoyance, he found that Dr Schultz was not alone, as his eyes fell on the hated figure of medical trainee, Martin Clifford, who, while appearing to be intently studying some notes, was adjusting the buttons on his white male nurse’s uniform.

My, My Jordan Draper!” said Dr Schultz “What predicament have yourself into this time?”

He’s got a sore anus!” interjected the Ranger helpfully.

I see!” replied the doctor with a serious tone, as Martin Clifford unsuccessfully attempted to stifle a chuckle “Have you been misbehaving with other boys Jordan?”

No I haven’t!” snapped Jordan with a combination of anger and mortification “It got burned … and stung …. and … uh … a damn hillbilly stuck a carrot in it!” he explained bedore quickly adding “ … against my will!!”

Well… Well .. you have had an eventful day, haven’t you Jordan!” relied Dr Schultz with a raised eyebrow “We had better take a look at it! Please take off that dirty blanket and get onto the examination table …. on your knees, with your bottom up.”

Despite instinctively knowing this would not end well, Jordan reluctantly did as he was told, clambered onto the examination table, and adopted what was best described at the “doggy position”, while the doctor ominously pulled on his rubber gloves.

Dr Schultz stepped forward, placed his rubber gloved hands onto Jordan’s butt cheeks and firmly pushed them apart to expose the puckered, and now blushing pink and cherry red, ring between.

Schultz frowned and made a tutting sound with his tongue “Hmmm!” he said “That does look inflamed …. nurse can you bring me the magnifying glass please!”

Martin opened a draw and brought out a large magnifying glass, not unlike the type which might have been used by Sherlock Holmes or some other Victorian sleuth might have used to examine evidence, and handed it to the doctor.

To Jordan’s increasing embarrassment the doctor held the glass up to the crack between his butt cheeks and studied his anus at length. “That is inflamed!” he said “what do you think nurse?”

Martin peered at Jordan’s rectum “It looks sore!” he said “Is it sore Jordan?”

Yes its fu….. sore!” snarled Jordan, his face now hot and glowing with mortification, he again determined that he would kill Martin at the first opportunity to present itself.

The Ranger approached and also took a lingering look at Jordan’s most private region “That sure reminds me o’ a lil’l pink raspberry!” he drawled in an amused tone!

Jordan closed his eyes tight and gritted his teeth with embarrassment, he couldn’t believe that three men were actually discussing the state of his sore anus …… and studying it with a magnifying glass.

Could that be serious Doctor?” asked Martin, struggling to sound businesslike

I am afraid it could be!” replied the Doctor with a grim expression on his face “the combination of an electrical burn and a hornet sting could have unstable results!” he put down the magnifying glass and removed his rubber gloves “I will prescribe a special cream, which have to be applied twice a day… I am afraid it will sting a little bit Jordan, but that is because it is working!”

uh …okay …Doc” the unhappy Jordan hissed though a scowl

and, most important” added the Doctor “the whole area must be exposed to fresh air at all times!”

Uh ….What ….?” asked Jordan uncomprehendingly.

No pants, jeans or underwear should be worn for the next four weeks at least … probably up to six weeks depending on the speed of recovery … so no clothing from the waist down!”

WHAT?” cried Jordan, as the Doctors words sunk in

You gotta stay bare butt for six weeks Sport!” replied the Ranger helpfully!

NO WAY!” yelled Jordan Jumping off the desk “I ain’t going bare butt for another hour let alone six week, just ‘cos some faggy quack doctor say so….OOOOWCH!” Jordan’s angry rant ended with a cry of pain as the Ranger slapped him hard across the bare bottom with the palm of his hand.

Don’t you go disrespecting the Doctor Sport!” snapped Ranger Tartarus “The Doc knows best, ifin he sez you gotta’ stay bare butt for six week, you’re gonna’ do just that, I’ll make sure of it!”

He turned to the doctor ”An’ I’ll make sure he applies that there stinging cream night an’ morning even ifin I have to do it myself!”

You ain’t doing …. that!” bellowed Jordan

Take care Sonny!” growled the Ranger pointing at Jordan “Or you will be over my knee faster than you can say ‘burn my speedos!” he paused and looked back at the Doctor “Does this mean spankin’s are out Doc!”

No, there is no need to stop spanking him!” replied the Doctor with a quick smile “In fact the stimulation will be quite therapeutic!”

So Spankin’s will be sorta’ medicinal then Doc?”

The doctor pondered for a while “Well yes, you could say that!” he replied as the Ranger chortled loudly and Martiv stifle a peal of laughter behind a rubber gloved hand.

Jordan was now in a state of barely controlled panic ”Don’t listen to that quack Doctor, he’s a perv and doesn’t know what he’s …. OOOOWWWCH!

Jordan jumped in the air in response to a hard WHACK! from the ranger cross his bare bottom.

That is not acceptable language Jordan!” roared the Ranger, grabbing hold of the naked young man. Then before Jordan could fully take in what was happening, the officer had thrown his arm round his waist, lifting him off the ground and stuffing him under his arm, as if the young swimmer was a rolled up carpet.

The Ranger then inflicted a series of sharp smacks to Jordan’s upturned bottom “You Will not ..” SMACK “disrespect the Doctor ..” SMACK “Do you understand ..?” SMACK!

OWW … YEEOOW …OUCH! …Stop!” yelled Jordan, struggling and kicking attempting to free himself, but the muscular ranger held him firmly in place.

Can you hold him still please!” said the doctor “Jordan needs a course of injections to prevent any side effects from the hornet stings! And what better time to start than now!” he turned to Martin “Nurse, Please prepare two syringes with the Obecalp serum!”

Jordan looked back over his shoulder with horror, his worst fears at the prospect of visiting Dr Schultz were about to come true, he had guessed that medical pervert would immediately find a reason to jab him in the ass again. This was the reason he had been so reluctant to pay this visit.

No! .. No! Fuck you!!” he yelled, struggling and kicking his legs “Keep that damn needle away from me!!!

However, no matter how much the fit young athlete struggled, the ranger, who it appeared possessed a superhuman strength, held him firmly in place.

Moments later, the Doctor was standing behind him holding up one of his scary looking oversized syringes, while Martin stood nearby with a further syringe on a tray. “Please hold him still, if you can officer!”

You got it Doc!” replied the Ranger gripping Jordan all the more tightly.

Without further ado Dr Schultz proceeded to jab the needle into Jordan’s left butt cheek, injecting a dose of the serum into the unlucky young swimmer.

AAAAAAAAHGGGGHHHHOOOOOWW!!!” Jordan’s yell of pain echoed round the room.

Don’t be such a wuss Sport!” chuckled the Ranger playfully slapping Jordan’s uplifted bottom “It’s for your own good!”

I’m not being a ‘wuss’” wailed Jordan “It Hurt!!”

Just one more young man!” said the Doc in what he assumed was a reassuring tone, but which sent a chill down Jordan’s spine. The Doctor then took the second syringe from the tray, which Martin was helpfully holding, and gave it a short squirt to remove any air, before injecting a further dose of the potion into Jordan’s right butt cheek, eliciting a similar outraged response from the handsome swimmer.

All finished Doc” asked the Ranger, before he lowered Jordan back onto his feet.

Finished for now” replied the Doctor “however, he will need a course of shots, so he will have to return to the infirmary every morning ….. or I suppose, I could do a home visit each day!”

No need Doc!” smiled the ranger “I’ve got me a certification in first aid! ‘couse, it was mainly for gun shot wounds and critter bites, but I can inject a boy in the butt no problem ….. ‘sides I only live next door!” he laughed “So I can give this young patient what he needs!” he slapped Jordan on the shoulder sending him staggering forward “Can’t I Sport?!”

Jordan’s mouth opened and shut, rather like a landed fish gasping for air, as he tried to speak, but no words came. He was stunned to silence as the full horror of his current situation registered in his brain.



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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 15

Shaman’s Revenge Part 15
a sleepless night, Jordan was untied and dragged blinking into the
day light by the Cody brothers, Floyd, Billy Bob and their brooding
middle brother Seth. “It’s time for you to earn your keep boy!”
snarled Floyd “We’re gonna’ put you to work!”
let me go!” wailed Jordan “My Dad’s a rich man, he will pay for
the eggs and milk I took!”
growled the elder Cody brother “You think just ‘cos your a rich kid
you can steal from us farmers and that your rich Daddy can pay us off
do you?” he moved closer to Jordan so that his craggy, unshaven
face was inches from the frightened young jock’s “Well that ‘aint
the way it works around here!” he hissed 
that, the three men led the unhappy and naked Jordan out of the house
and across a nearby field towards some old barns, as Floyd encouraged
Jordan onward by jabbing his bare bottom with the sharply pointed
spikes of his pitchfork.
considered attempting to escape, judging that in a sprint he could
almost certainly have out run the more heavily built Codys. However,
seeing the rile which Seth was carrying, he decided not to chance his
luck, as although he could outrun the men he could not outrun a
order to further encourage Jordan. As soon as the group reached the
barn, Floyd sat down on some bails of hay and threw the protesting
young swimmer over his knee before proceeded to administer a hard
hand spanking while Billy Bob held him down.
Floyd had finished spanking Jordan, he handed control of the new and
and unwilling ranch hand over to his bothers, and told them to put
him to work in the hay barn, before heading off to another part of
the ranch.
as soon as their elder brother had departed the scene, it became
clear that, rather than working, the younger Cody brothers wanted to
play with their new toy.
City boy!” Sneered Billy Bob “Make that squealy noise you made
when Floyd” whupped your ass!” then he said something which sent
a chill down Jodan’s spine, as Cindy Mae’s prophetic words from two
days before echoed in his brain “Make like a little piggy city
.. what do you mean?” stammered Jordan
mean squeal like a piggy dumbo!” shouted Billy Bob, slapping
Jordan’s head with the back of his hand “Get down on your hands and
knees and crawl like prime bacon!”
instinct was to protest, but once again the sight of the rifle, which
Seth was still holding, persuaded him to obey. Reluctantly he
lowered himself onto his hands and knees and attempted to grunt in
the manner he imagined most similar to a pig.
Dickhead” shouted Seth “you need to squeal like a cute little
piggy, not grunt like a fat old sow!” 
can make him squeal!” laughed Billy Bob, picking up a large carrot
“A piggy needs a tail!”
Ha!” laughed Seth “Pin the tail on …. er .. up the piggy!”
Bob knelt down, and grabbed hold of Jordan and attempted to push the
carrot up the prone jock’s anus, as Jordan yelled in distress.
“Please guys, stop, don’t do this to me!!”
city boy, sure has a tight ass!” complained Billy Bob as he pressed
the large carrot against the unyielding pucker of Jordan’s
instinctively contracted portal “I can’t get it in!”
Let me try , said Seth, taking hold of the carrot and kneeling down
between Jordan’s legs, while his brother straddled the unhappy jock
and held his butt cheeks apart.
gripped the carrot tightly in his fist and then rammed it deep into
Jordan, forcing it between the tight pink lips of his anus and then
up inside, as Jordan let out a shriek of discomfort and outrage.
, that’s the noise piggy!” laughed Seth “that is a really piggy
recent weeks Jordan had had the unaccustomed experience of various
items being inserted into his tight virgin portal, but the massive
carrot was the largest , by far the widest so far and certainly the
most uncomfortable so far. It was also an unusual sight, to see a
handsome young athlete on all fours with a large orange vegetable
together with it untrimmed green plumage protruding from his rear,
certainly more elaborately than any curly pigs’s tail.
Cody brother continued to have fun with their unlucky captive, making
him crawl around the barn with one or other brother riding on his
faster pork chop!” yelled Billy bob as he jabbed at Jordan’s rear
with his sharp pitchfork.
the Cody brothers tired of making Jordan act like a pig and roughly
pulled the carrot out of his backside. However, they had other plans
for him.
think this City Boy would maker a better rooster than a pig!”
Laughed Billy Bob
rooster?” replied Seth quisically
with a big feathery tail!” replied Billy Bob
that they dragged Jordan out into the meadow next to the barn, and
tied his wrists and ankles together sop as to force him into a
chicken like pose.
after pulling a pair of leather gloves from his jeans pocket, Billy
bob set about creating a “big feathery rooster’s tail” with
nettles and poison ivy, which he proceeded to shove unceremoniously
up the tender part of Jordan where the carrot had previously been.
the boys laughed uproariously, Jordan was forced to waddle around the
farm yard clucking like a chicken, with his fiery, sting covered
“Tail” flapping behind him, the combined nettle stings and poison
ivy turning his tender orifice into a ring of fire, which was sure to
burn for days afterwards.
backwoods adventure was becoming very uncomfortable
Be Continued ..

Soccer Jock Humiliation

Jock Humiliation

The coach’s methods were old
fashioned but very effective. He kept an especially embarrassing ping
pong paddle ready for swollen headed jocks like young Colton Fisher,
as he knew that the stinging humiliation of being publicly paddled,
over the knee like some kid, in front of his team mates, would stay with Colton long
after the fire in his tight little butt had faded.

he planned to make sure that fire didn’t cool for quite some time,
certainly a lot longer than it would take for cell phone footage of
Colton’s embarrassing bare bottomed punishment the reach every jock
and Co-Ed on Campus. 

would not stop until Colton’s butt cheeks were glowing even redder
than the one’s on his face.

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The Fantasy Art of Mark (Part 3 of 4)

is the third selection of the work of the Spanking fantasy artist
Mark, who has kindly agreed to contribute
to this blog.
is so much to enjoy in every picture Mark creates, from the sizzling
hot imagery to the cleverly chosen scenarios and wicked humour in the

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Introducing the Fantasy Art of Mark

the Fantasy Art of Mark
Bottom Guys is thrilled to announce that the outstanding Spanking
fantasy artist Mark, has agreed to become an occasional contributor
to this blog.
of you may know Mark for his postings to JockSpank,
but for others, discovering Mark’s work will be an exciting new gem
to add to their fantasy treasure box.
work can be enjoyed not only for the unquestioned cleverness and
skill of the artistry, but also for the incredible eroticism and
wicked humour, all directed where it should be at the very deserving
bottoms of handsome hunks, jocks, dudes and assorted bad boys, often
with an added dose of humiliation for good measure.
Way of introducing Mark to Sore Bottomed Gus, over the next few days
I will be reposting examples of Mark’s sexy images, selected by the
artist himself. These have been previously posted to JockSpank, but
are delights which are more than worth rediscovering!!
first of these selections are below, I know you will love them.
future, Mark will contribute to both sites, and we hope that from
time to time he will create images especially for Sore Bottomed Guys.

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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 14 – Jordan meets the Cody Brothers

Shaman’s Revenge Part 14
Jordan meets the
Cody Brothers
Jordan got closer to the buildings he had spotted in the distance,
his heart began to sink. From what he could see this was no
picturesque country farmhouse with roses round the door or a white
picket fence, and the chances of it being inhabited by a friendly
plump farmer and his wife, who would feed him pumpkin pie and lend
him their eldest son’s grown out of jeans were diminishing with each
step he took.
buildings appeared somewhat dilapidated and in poor repair, in fact
were it not for the half dozen or so scrawny looking chickens pecking
at seed corn in the yard and a rather ragged carpet, hanging on a
line, he might have concluded that the property was unoccupied.
Whoever did live in the ranch was obviously not house proud, and
Jordan’s instincts told him he was unlikely to receive a friendly
decided that instead of seeking out the homeowner and asking for
help, he would merely see if there was any food or clothing he could
steal before continuing on his way.
as quietly as he could, he crept up to the old ranch house. He
sprinted quickly up to a small sash window and peered into what
appeared to be a bedroom with an unmade cot, and, he was pleased to
note, a pile of discarded clothes in the corner. In the past he would
have disdained the idea of wearing someone else’s discarded clothes,
but he was now in no position to be choosy. At least he could cover
his nakedness and then maybe find his way to the kitchen and some
attempted to prize open the window, but it clearly had not been
opened for years, and was sealed shut. He considered breaking the
glass, but decided the noise would alert whoever lived in the farm of
his presence. 
the hope of finding an easier window, he tiptoed round the side of
the house, and, for once, his luck was in, as one of the windows had
been left open, he hurried up to it and cautiously looked in to what
appeared to be a very old fashioned and run down kitchen with a
kitchen table, covered with 1950’s style plastic with a large
kerosene lamp in the middle. Against the wall was large Iron stove,
reminiscent to something one might see in a frontier type movie.
However, of most interest to Jordan was a tiny walk in cupboard at
the side of the room, which appeared to me a larder.
the very thought of a larder his stomach began to rumble with hunger.
It was now almost 24 hours since he had last eaten, a for a boy who
was accustom to three meals and a few snacks a day, this was all but
starvation. Jordan loved food, to the point of over indulgence, and
it was only his healthy metabolism and active lifestyle which kept
his handsome body in it’s sleek athletic state.
as he needed clothes, his stomach needed food even more, so his first
priority lay in whatever was in the larder. After taking a swift
look around to ensure he was still unobserved, Jordan quickly
clambered through the open window into the kitchen. Whilst ensuring
he made as little sound as possible, he hurried over to the larder
and looked inside.
content of the larder was rather disappointing, given the marked lack
of candy, cheeseburgers or hot dogs. However, there was bread, oil
and there was also a bowl containing about a dozen eggs and a small
jug of milk.
would have to do.
course he couldn’t eat raw eggs, so he carried the bowl across to the
old iron stove. He noted with relief that it was still alight, and
it only took a little poking and some extra kindling to get it
flaming and heating up the stone ring on the top.
then poured some oil into a heave based frying pan, which he placed
on the ring to heat up, before cracking most of the eggs and tipping
the contents into the pan and stirring it together to make
rudimentary scrambled eggs.
eggs were ready in minutes, and once they were, Jordan quickly
scraped them onto a plate, before carelessly discarding the pan onto
the side of the stove. Then, still naked, he sat down at the table
and hungrily devoured the eggs and bread, whilst drinking milk
straight from the jug.
was so occupied in consuming his first meal in a day, he failed to
hear the door behind him opening, or the sound of stealthy footfall
creeping towards him.
spidery sense that there was someone behind him finally hit Jordan
just too late to save him, as a large, leathery, sun tanned hand
landed in his shoulder and a loud voice with a distinct Country ca
dance snarled in his ear “How dare you sneak in butt nekid’ and
steal from our larder you thievin’ Varmit!?”
leaped to his feet and spun round to find a huge mountain of a man,
bulging with muscles and shaggy black hair, on both his head and
chest, looming over him with an unmistakably hostile and menacing
expression on his face. Then a second man, equally muscular, but
with a bristling light brown beard entered the room.
and Billy Bob Cody, together with their younger brother Seth, had
lived in their remote ranch house for most of their lives, ever since
their papa was locked away in the county prison for killing a man in
a bar fight and their mother had abandoned them after taking up with
a tractor salesman from North Dakota. The Cody boys had been looked
after by their grandmother, Ernestine Clutterbuck, until she, sadly
expiredd from an excess on sweet potato moonshine and chewing
mostly alone, with only the acquaintance of a few nearby ranchers,
the Cody brother had little experience of city folk, but both could
spot a pretty city boy when they saw one, and Jordan was an
unconscionably pretty boy. Both men felt a stirring in their groins,
which they didn’t fully comprehend.
.. my clothes were stolen .. and I…I was hungry!” stammered
Jordan, keenly aware that he was in a very dangerous predicament.
Unfortunately, his explanation didn’t help
hissed Floyd, holding his face so close to Jordan’s that the latter
could feel the spit on his face “Just ‘cos, someone stole from you,
you thought you could then rob us blind did you boy?!” his lip
curled into a cruel shape “You need a good whopping youngun’ and
you’re gonna’ get one” with that he snatched the, still smoking,
pan which Jordan had used to cook the eggs, from the stove! “This’ll
do just fine!” 
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then took hold of Jordan by the ear and forcibly marched him over to
an old wooden chair in the centre of twhat passed for he cabin’s
please sir!” wailed Jordan “Don’t hit me with … that!! I will
pay for the food … my Dad will pay you, just phone him!”
don’t have no telephone here!” growled Floyd “You are gonna’ pay,
and you’ll pay with that pretty lil’ white butt o’ yours!” he sat
down and roughly pulled Jordan, face down, over his knee into what,
for Jordan, was becoming a depressingly familiar position..
that, he raised the pan up above his head and then brought it down
with a resounding “THUD!” on Jordan’s upturned bottom. On
account of having been left on the side of the old cooker, rather
than directly on the hot plate, the pan was no longer hot enough to
cause scaring burns, but it was still hot enough to feel as if it
was! Jordan’s high pitched squeal of pain and outrage echoed round
the shabby wooden room, followed with a second and a third, as Floyd
continued to wallop him with the hot, heavy bottomed pan.
Whop that city boy’s butt Bro!” shouted Billy Bob “Whop him good!
Make him feel it!!”
was certainly “feeling it”, the strength of Floyd Cody’s blows,
combined with the retained heat of the old frying pan, felt to Jordan
as if his tender butt was literally being fried.
yelps of pain merged into wails of anguish and then and then loud
uncontrolled sobs, as his muscular captor continued to assail him.
Floyd stopped pan paddling Jordan, he stood up, and scooped the young
man up under his arm as easily as if the 18 year old athlete were a
light as a feather.
Bro!” cried Billy Bob “That city boy butt sure does look pretty.
All red an all!” he grinned “I could just eat that, roast with
sweet potatoes and a carrot up his ass!” 
looked down, at Jordan’s glowing, just paddled, bottom and long
tanned legs sticking out from beneath his massive hairy armpit “Yeah,
I’d say it does look kina’ pretty like that, we’ll have to make sure
it stays that way!”
Bob reacted excitedly to the implication of his elder brother’s words
“Can we keep him Floyd!” he asked gleefully “Please Bro lets
keep him, then you can spank him every morning and I’ll do it each
evening to keep his city boy tush pretty and red!”
okay!” replied Floyd “Just so long as you an’ Seth keep guard of
him during the day, stopping him from running off, and make sure he
earns his keep!”
yes, we’ll guard him!” insisted Billy Bob “we will make sure he
does stuff round the farm …….!” he paused, and grinned
sheepishly “and then have some ….. fun with him!” he chuckled
listened in horror to the men’s discussion, he certainly did not like
the idea of being kept or … being had fun with!! “Please Sirs,!”
he stammered “Let me go, I need to go home …. I won’t say
anything ….!
your mouth Varmit!” snapped Floyd delivering a resounding WHACK to
Jordan’s upturned bottom with the pan he still held in his powerful
hand. “Come on Billy Bob, lets put him in the cellar.”
men carried Jordan down to their cellar, repeatedly bumping his head
against the wall as they did so. Floyd then tossed him onto the hard
earth floor, before he and Billy Bob tied their captive up.
the felt the cellar, Billy Bob looked back “Sleep well, pretty
boy!” he said “We’ll have some fun in the morning”
to say, Jordan did not sleep well, the throbbing pain in his bottom,
together with the horror of his situation, and fearful anticipation
of the “fun” Billy Bob had in mind for him kept him wide away.
Even later, when he did fall into an unhappy and fitful sleep, he was
haunted by awful and frightening dreams, all focused on the new
torments he was sure would soon be inflicted on his long suffering
had been living though a period of extraordinarily bad luck, but even
by those standards, his luck had now taken an especially nasty turn.
He dreaded to think what further misadventures were in store for him!

The Singeing of Chrispin Cherrybutt Part three (continued)

Singeing of Chrispin Cherrybutt

Part three
(2 of 2 ) – Our naughty Knight gets the bare bottom spanking he
attempted to struggle free from the large Monk’s grip , but soon realised that beneath his
adversary’s all covering brown robe was a body of considerable
strength and steel like muscles, which even his fit young body could
not resist.
make matters worse, a second monk, who also proved to be a powerfully
built individual arrived and assisted the first on restraining the
helpless but struggling Crispin.
they dragged the unhappy and protesting young knight over to a bench,
sat down and pulled their handsome captive over their knees.
the newly arrived monk, held Crispin’s legs, the senior monk pulled
up the youth’s black gown until the whole of his lower body, from his
firm, slim waist down was exposed. The monk looked down at the bottom
he had so recently, and lovingly anointed with healing oils and
chuckled “Well well my young valiant” he said “That pretty rump
of yours will soon burn worse that it did when you first arrived!”
please good friar!” wailed Crispin “Please have mercy on me!”
shall be no mercy or forgiveness for a sinner here!” snapped the
monk “you will be chastised as you deserve to be!” he paused “and
as penance for your pride and arrogance your punishment will be
appropriately enhanced ….. Brother Samuel, bring forth the fire
third monk appeared carrying a silver platter, upon with there was a
strange looking peeled vegetable root, and gingerly lifted a carrot
shaped segment between his thumb ad forefinger as he approached the
root …?” stammered Crispin nervously
fire root comes from the land of monsoons and smoking mountains to
the south, it earned it’s name because when it’s juices touch your
skin, it burns like the great lord’s hottest furnaces!” replied the
speaking monk. “as you will soon discover …!”
lord? …. furnaces?” gasped Crispin “who are you ….. what is
this order?”
the root Brother!” said the monk, interrupting and ignoring
Crispin’s question “You will be anxious to be rid of it for it must
be burning your fingers!”

third monk stepped forward, and swiftly forced the segment of peeled
root he was holding between the raised cheeks of Crispin’s exposed
bottom, and up into his tight anus, which as an automatic protective
instinct, gripped tightly round it. As soon as the plug of fire root
touched his skin Crispin understood why it was so called, as a
burning sensation almost as intense as the dragon’s fiery breath
spread from the puckering pink portal lips of his rectum, to deep
with inside him. Tears brimmed in the young knights watering eyes and
he he cried out in genuine pain
monk’s laugh had a clear note of cruel delight to it, at the sound of
Crispin’s scream “the fire root will ensure that even your most
hidden and intimate parts will feel the force of your well deserved
that the laughing monk raised his large leathery and well calloused
hand high into the air and an d brought it down with a loud SMACK! On
Crispins, still sore and tender, recently scorched bottom. The first
smack was followed by a second, third, fourth and more, while the
second monk grasped his legs, and the third, having laid down his
silver platter joined his fellows and held Crispin’s head and scolders firmly in
had not been spanked over a knee since he he was a an infant, hence
this punishment was as humiliating to the proud young knight as it
was painful, and it was certainly extremely painful. 

His torment was
made worse by the fact he could not help tensing his anal muscles in
anticipation of each smack, which had the unfortunate effect of
crushing the feague of fire root gripped by the tender pink bud of
his anus and causing still more of the scalding Juice across the rim
of that most sensitive and vulnerable of orifices.

burning rectum was now a ring of fire nestling between the two
stinging red orbs of his buttocks. 
monks took turns in punishing Crispin, who they had soon stripped
naked, as his cries and the repeated slapping of their hands on his
red and well fired behind.
the stopped but still held the struggling and weeping young knight
captive in their grasp. The older monk looked into Crispin’s tear
stained face, “We are not finished with you yet my young valiant!”
he grinned “You are now our prisoner and we will do with you as we
cried Crispin “You have punished me enough! Now set me free!!”
laughed the Monk “there will be no freedom for you Sir knight, you
you will provide us with much entertainment and diversion in the
coming days and weeks!”
monks then dragged the miserable Crispin Cherrybutt down to the
catacombs beneath the monastery. 

When they reached a small door in
the wall, they opened it and pushed Crispin through sending him
tumbling bottom first down a flight of stone stairs, his well
spanked, scorched and fire root figged bottom hitting each step as he
bounced down, before landing with a THUD! On the hard dungeon floor.
As he landed he heard the door slamming behind him followed by the
sound of metal bolts slamming into place. He was now the monks’
Crispin lay on the floor his hands grasping hie well spanked and fire
root scorched behind, a sense of deep fear and desolated seeped
through him, as he wondered what entertainments and diversions the
brothers had in store for him, and what sort of devilish sect had he
stumbled upon.
a voice spoke to him from the darkness “Who are you Sir Knight?”
it spoke with an unmistakably noble tone “Are you a prisoner too?
Have the Gods at last blessed me with a companion in this hellish
mounting fear Crispin scoured inky blackness of the cell and could
just make out a dark shame in the corner. The shape moved, and he
knew he was not alone ……..