The Unlucky Young Knight and the Monks

he broke into the monastery, the handsome young knight had hoped to enrich himself by stealing the church’s treasure. However, the monks had other ideas, and
knew many ways of teaching the would be thieving intruder a painful and humiliating lesson he would not
soon forget!

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11 Replies to “The Unlucky Young Knight and the Monks”

    1. I think he's a bad boy and he wont stop stealing. So he should be caught and stripped in public and spanked by townsmen.

  1. It is a historical fact that corporal punishment was practiced in medieval monasteries. I think he should be forced to become a monk in atonement for his crimes and then be subjected to daily doses of the birch or the belt across his sweet little backside.

  2. The monks should take him to the town square tie him to a tree bare his bottom take a thin switch and thrash him soundly in public he won't steal again after such public humiliation

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