3 Replies to “Loki and Thor, Chastised by Odin – Fantasy Art By Mark”

  1. YES! YES! YES! These images are fantastic. Now you are cooking, Mark. Or I should say Loki's and Thor's asses are cooking. lol
    The way it looks like the electric sparks blew thru Thor's pants, the expressions on Loki's and Thor's faces, barefoot Loki, the fiery electric sparks, make these fantastic. Great job!
    If you take requests, James Franco and Dean Cain finding themselves in similar hot, sparky, fiery circumstances would be appreciated.
    Thank you, Mark. These are great!

  2. Awesome post! Loki of course is a deserving bad boy, but loved seeing Thor getting his hunky rear end zapped. Great work as always, thank you.

    I also agree with sammie that seeing James Franco and Dean Cain get it right in the butt would be HOT!

    1. Both Dean Cain and James Franco would be hot, thre is also something about Chris Evans which makes you want to kick his butt – and of course, a slightly younger Ryan Reynolds!!

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