Robin Gets a Wedgie Spanking

This one should be a treat for Super Hero fans.  Robin Vs Bane  includes scenes the boy wonder receiving a humiliating and painful wedgie spanking from the evil (but imaginative) Villain Bane

Starring Trenton Ducati as Bane and Lance Hart as the unlucky Robin

We have not featured wedgies here before but I certainly think they have a place on Sore bottomed Guys do you guys agree?

Robin is in a jail cell bound by the wrists. He paces back and
forth, looking for an escape when his captor, Bane, comes to visit.
“What do you want you sick fuck!?” Robin asks.

Bane doesn’t reply. He
pulls Robin out of the cell and grabs him tight by the balls.
moans and whimpers as the much stronger Bane man handles him. Bone
seems to love to grope and beat on the boy wonder. Bane smacks Robin,
and squeezes his balls a lot!

before spinning him around and going to
work on his ass.

  Bane spanks Robin hard, then grabs
his boy shorts and pulls. He spanks and wedgies Robin for a while, then
eventually lifts Robin completely off his feet by his underwear in a
mega wedgie…
When Robin’s boy shorts rip

Bane doesn’t
hesitate to pull them over his shoulders, before continuing to beat on his already sore and red bottom

is still in the cell, humiliated on the floor. His torn boy shorts are
still around his ankles. Bane returns for more. “What the fuck do you
want now, Bane?!” this is then followed by some scenes of off topic content which is not featured here.

Bane throws the defeated boy
wonder over his shoulders, smacks his red ass a few times, then returns
him to the cell for later.

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