Soccer Jock Humiliation

Jock Humiliation

The coach’s methods were old
fashioned but very effective. He kept an especially embarrassing ping
pong paddle ready for swollen headed jocks like young Colton Fisher,
as he knew that the stinging humiliation of being publicly paddled,
over the knee like some kid, in front of his team mates, would stay with Colton long
after the fire in his tight little butt had faded.

he planned to make sure that fire didn’t cool for quite some time,
certainly a lot longer than it would take for cell phone footage of
Colton’s embarrassing bare bottomed punishment the reach every jock
and Co-Ed on Campus. 

would not stop until Colton’s butt cheeks were glowing even redder
than the one’s on his face.

this image inspires any of you to write the story around it, please
feel free to post it in the Comments section below


3 Replies to “Soccer Jock Humiliation”

  1. I would love to see some of the wonderful stories from to be illustrated. Many of those stories share the same plot as your stories. Spanking, humiliation, embarrassment of boys. See if you like any story enough to illustrate it. Love your work.

  2. when a guy got paddled bare from football coach (1960's) the locker room got real quiet but all guys watched–It hurt like hell on my bare butt (and every otehr guys)

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