The Shaman’s Revenge Part 20 Chase’s Shocking experience

The Shaman’s Revenge Part 20

Chase’s Shocking experience

The uncomfortable and humiliating experience with the soap had left Chase in a very angry mood, this combined with the fact he had been placed in a cell with three big, strong, long term convicts who’s idea or recreation was spanking his butt, was stinging the young would be mugger’s pride as much as his bottom, and increasing his bad temper.

To make matters worse there was still no sign of the promised prison uniform. As a result Chase was still stark naked, which, in itself was embarrassing and inevitably made him the butt of the other convicts’ cruel sense of humour.

This came to a head when he was making his way back to his cell and a convict blew a loud wolf whistle and mockingly shouted “That’s a cute little butt you got there Blondie, I bet your new Daddies just LUV spanking that!”

F***ing shut up!” snarled Chase spinning round, and punching the mocking con on the jaw, knocking him to the floor.

In his anger, Chase had not noticed two prison guards standing nearby, until they immediately rushed forward and grabbed hold of him.

That was an act of violence, which is strictly against prison rules!” one boomed

Tell that to my damn cell mates!” snapped Chase “What they do to me is sure violent!!”

The guard ignored Chase’s reply and continued “There is a punishment for cons who act violently!” He said “And that’s the electric chair!”

What the …?!” Chase was stunned and confused “cut the crap!”

It’s not crap Buddy!” replied the second guard, leaning close to Chase’s face “You are getting the electric chair!”

Yeah! Ol’ Buttwarmer will teach you to behave!” grinned the fist guard maliciously

What are you talking about?!” asked an increasing alarmed Chase

You will see!” laughed the the first guard as the two officers began pulling Chase down the walkway between cells

Chase, couldn’t believe what was happening, surely they were not planning to execute him just for hitting someone, especially as con he had hit was already sitting up and rubbing his chin. He had heard the state still permitted the use of the electric chair, but only for murder, after a trial and years of appeals, so how could this be happening?

Were the guards planning to kill him? He was starting to get seriously scared. “Guys … be reasonable .. I only tapped him…!”

Yeah?” sneered the second guard “like you only tapped your girlfriend?” then the two men continued to drag Chase through the prison. How come they all knew about his fight with that bi**h Sandie Ann?

The guards led Chase down a flight of stairs and down a corridor to a large door, which they unlocked and pushed him in.

In the middle of the room was what appeared to be a metal chair, with a strange object protruding from the seat. This did not resemble any illustrations Chase had seen of execution style electric chairs, but he certainly did not like the look of it.

Before he knew what was happening, the two guards, acting in unison, turned and lifted him off the floor, each with one arm under his shoulders and the other under his knees. They then began carrying him towards the metal chair.

As they approached the chair, Chase realised that what he had thought was an object resting on the chair, was in fact moulded into the seat itself in the same metal and shaped like a large erect male penis.


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The Sting of the Jungle – Boy and the Stolen Loincloth

The Sting of the Jungle

Boy and the Stolen Loincloth

It was a hot and sultry day in the jungle, and boy was feeling bored. It was now many weeks since he had returned from the city, and it seemed very dull to be back in the jungle. He decided to climb up into the higher branches of the trees near to the river, in the hope of spying some maidens from the local village bathing or washing their hair on the river bank. Unfortunately for Boy, there were not village maidens in sight, just a long expanse of empty river bank.

Moodily, Boy peered into the distance in the hope of seeing anything of interest. However, although Boy could not see anything which interested him, another pair of eyes, not far from him, certainly could!!

In the branches above boy, a mischievous young chimp was also looking at something it found interesting, which was Boy’s small leather loincloth. The little primate was a highly intelligent creature and had been listening the last time Tarzan had lectured Boy, and recalled exactly what the older man had threatened to to to the careless blond youth if he lost yet another loincloth.

That is the forth loincloth Boy have lost in a month!” the angry Jungle man had boomed “if Boy lose another one, Boy get a spanking him not ever forget!!”

As with many of the jungle animals, Boy had not endeared himself to the young chimp, as he had frequently shouted, thrown stones and been generally obnoxious to the the little animal. As such, there was little the little creature enjoyed more than watching his tormentor receiving a good hard spanking from the muscular lord of the jungle.

Moving stealthily, the little monkey crept through the branches towards Boy, who was still staring intently towards the river. Then, with one swift motion, while dangling from a branch it reached out, grabbed hold of Boy’s loincloth and tugged.

Before Boy could react, the little chimp had snatched the loincloth, leaving him stark naked, and was scrambling quickly up through the branched, clutching it’s prize and squawking gleefully.

Give that back you little …” snarled Boy swinging round and seeing the monkey quickly ascending trough the branches, occasionally looking back and seemingly waving the loincloth at him, as if taunting him.

Boy also remembered Tarzan’s words, and was desperate not to receive another spanking from his mighty guardians leather like hands. He began climbing up the tree after the chimp, determined to retrieve his clothing.

Unlucky for Boy, he was many pounds heavier than the tiny animal, meanwhile the higher he climbed up the tree the thinner were the branches. While frantically attempting to catch the fleeing primate, he carelessly put too much of his weight on a thin and very fragile branch, which snapped beneath his feet.

Temporarily unbalanced he lost his grip of another branch, and suddenly found himself hurtling through the air. Unable to fly, there was only one way that gravity was going to take him, and that was down.

As he tumbled through the air towards what seemed like certain death on the hard ground below, he fell through a cluster of thin whippy branches, which effectively whipped and caned his bare bottom as he crashed through them, yelling in pain “OWW! … OUCH! ….OOOOW!” as he did so.


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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 13 (Unlucky for Jordan)

Shaman’s Revenge Part 13 (Unlucky for Jordan)
was a very unhappy jock, not only had he been abandoned in the middle
of the great American wilderness, facing a walk of over 70 miles to
get home, but he was bare ass naked as well.
that was not bad enough in itself, he knew for certain exactly what
would be happening within minutes of Cindy Mae Carpenter reaching the
vicinity of a telephone. She would phone every member of her vast
group of girlfriends to tell them that she had tricked that dumb jock
Jordan Draper into stripping naked, then stolen his clothes and left
him to walk home in his birthday suit.
knew Cindy Mae well enough to know how much she would relish boasting
about what she had done, and would make sure everyone knew every
detail. No doubt she would embroider the details, to boost her role
and make him appear even more comical than he already did. He
cringed, at the thought of her yapping voice, trilling with
excitement as he repeated the tale over and over again, and at the
scornful laughter which would greet the message.
the friends, like a sonority from Hell, would tell their friends and
then all the girls in town would tell heir boyfriends, and within 24
hours it would be the talking point of every bar and and locker room
within a fifty mile radius. Everyone would have a good laugh at yet
another total humiliation for the guy who, only weeks before had top
jock on campus and master of all he surveyed.
knew that his good looks and sporting prowess, combined with his
arrogant manner meant a lot of people secretly resented him, and he
knew just how much they would enjoy his comeuppance, and telling
others about it. 
could he ever live this down and face his team mates and buddies, let
alone the local girls. The thought of their mocking laughter echoed
in his head, as he walked disconsolately on through the forest .
always in the background of his thoughts another face hovered, this
time a male one, also wearing a scornful and mocking expression.
Jordan had no idea how the ranger was behind what had happened to
him, but, somehow he knew he was.
walking for almost an hour his mind consumed by his mournful
thoughts, he realised that he was no longer on the road. He must
have left it without noticing and was now in open countryside. He
quickly spun round and looked behind him, but there was no sign of
the road, and he had no idea where he was.
he stood there, a look of horror and fear on his handsome face the
awful truth began to dawn on him, he was lost, naked and many miles
from home.
attempted to retrace his steps, but he had been so deep in thought he
had not taken note of his surroundings and, therefore he could not
identify any familiar location which would confirm he had been there
before. The upshot was that within twenty minutes he had completely
lost his bearings and was totally lost in increasingly unfriendly
eventually reached a clearing in the middle of the forest, and found
himself in what appeared to be an overgrow, and, he incorrectly
assumed, unused, field, at the edge of which was a wire fence.
realised that as the fence was self evidently man made, there must be
something beyond the fence, maybe the road, or some form of dwelling
where he could get help, despite how embarrassing that might be. He
therefore, made his way across the field towards the fence.
say there was a notice on the fence, but assuming it was an order not
to trespass, he did not bother to read it. He would have to trespass
if he was going to find help.
Jordan reached the fence he could see it was almost waist high, and
that was no obstacle for a lithe young athlete such as Jordan, He
could easily get get over such an easy object. 
Raising his body with
one foot on tip toe, he lifted the other leg so that he was
defectively straddling the fence. Unfortunately for Jordan, the
ground beneath the one bare foot which was taking hs whole body
weight was in fact the roof of a ground hog burrow. Hence at the
very point where his tentacles, prostate region and tight, still in
real terms virgin, anus were hovering above the wire. the ground
beneath him gave way.

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a result he tumbled and landed heavily on the wire one ball either
side and the puckered lips of his tight anus effectively gripping the
that very instant, it became painfully clear to Jordan that the sign
he had ignored did not say “No Trespassing” but instead it said
Warning Electric Fence”! This fact brought forcibly home
to our careless hero as a bolt of electricity shot straight into the
young swimmer’s most tender and intimate body parts, his butt hole,
balls and the thin ridge of flesh in between the two.
from the pain it engenders, another unfortunate aspect of an electric
shock can be to cause a brief paralysis rendering the victim
temporarily immobile. In Jordan’s case, he was only frozen to the
spot for a matter of seconds. However, this was just long enough to
allow a second pulse of the fire like current to shoot into the
delicate rosebud pink sphincter muscles still embracing the wire, and
sending Jordan leaping into the air with a shriek of unmitigated
may be true that in an empty forest there is nobody to hear you
scream, but Jordan’s cry was loud enough to send a rookery of crows
in the trees above flying squawking into the air, and a herd of wild
deer in the forest bolted in terror to the deeper thickets.
free of the horrid fence, Jordan stumbled around, bent almost double
and clutching his behind, his mind focused on nothing bit the pain
throbbing in his most private ad sensitive of regions.
that the power with in the fence was designed to discourage farm
animals, but not to actually brand them, it was not enough to cause
scaring burns or a lasting injury. However, as the part of Jordan’s
anatomy which had come into contact with the electric fence was
especially tender, he had suffered a degree of scorching which caused
severe pain and would leave him in a level of embarrassing discomfort
for quite a while.
Jordan stood still, holding his posterior and engrossed in the pain
and misery of his situation, he hardly noticed the rumbling sound
behind him, which he assumed was thunder and that his streak of bad
luck was about to result in him being soaked by a storm.

Jordan’s bad luck was in fact considerably worse even than he though.
The rumbling sound was not caused by a gathering thunder storm, but
by the approach of the of the very beast which the electric fence
was there to contain. An angry young bull, which was, at that moment
charging towards Jordan with it’s head down.
a pure miracle, Jordan escaped being gored by centimetres, as the
bull’s horns went either side of him, however the granite hard bone
of the animal’s forehead hit Jordan’s bottom with a bruising impact
of a fast moving truck, sending the boy flying high into the air, and
over a nearby hedge.
sore and winded, Jordan was launched like a missile launched from a
catapult and flew through the air for some considerable distance.
as they say, what goes up, must eventually come down. There were
mixed blessing’s to the landing pad which nature had provided for
It was soft enough to cushion his fall, but by no means pain
free, as he landed, bare bottom first into a patch of stinging
the second time in mere moments, Jordan’s mortified screams echoed
through the forest, followed by a succession of whimpering cries as
the cruel leaves continued to inflict their tiny white, but stinging
and burning blisters, as the unlucky young jock struggled to his
parts of him had been stung but all the pain seemed to radiate from
his his cute an well rounded. Once pearly white backside, now glowing
pink and reddening with punishment.
ever, the old Shaman’s curse, had but one target. Jordan had taunted
the old man with the words “Kiss my ass” and the elderly warlock
continued to do just that! In the space of less than five minutes,
Jordan’s vulnerable bare bottom had been scorched with electricity,
butted by a bull an comprehensively stung by nettles. The handsome
but unlucky young buck did not know it, but the Shaman was only just
warming up.
tears of pain and distress streaked Jordan’s still beautiful face, as
the one time proud jock stood in the forest, clutching his bottom and
crying like a baby.
was he guessed his overwrought imagination, but it seemed as if he
could hear laughter echoing echoing through the trees.
predicament was getting more complicated by the hour, he may now be
safe from the bull, which was in the other side of the hedge, but it
was also between him and whatever lay beyond the fence. Be it a road
or a ranch, due to the angry snorting he could hear from the other
side of the hedge, there was no way he was brave enough to face it
and find out.
best option was to try and find a way through the forest. As he
reluctantly turned back towards the forest he realised that dusk was
starting to fall. His heart sunk even further, and not only at the
prospect of a night in the wilderness, but also as he knew his father
would be home any moment and would discover that Jordan had disobeyed
him and gone out instead of staying home and studying.
compounded by staying out all night meant that Mr Draper’s eldest boy
was in big trouble. As his Dad seemed to have only one answer to any
misbehaviour these days. Jordan was in no doubt that his Dad’s
slipper, a hairbrush or a paddle would be waiting for him and his
already very sore bottom when he got home.
spent a long cold night naked in the forest and he got no sleep,
mainly because of the throbbing pain in his rear, but also because
he was keenly aware of movements in the dark woods around him, and
the eery feeling that he was not alone.
last it was dawn, and before moving on Jordan took time to bath
himself in a forest stream, finding some sensual relief in the cool
water as it refreshed his body and acted as a balm to his aching
limbs. Although he had no access to a mirror, he was aware to his
amazement that his bottom’s amazing powers of recovery were once
again in evidence. All the bruising and redness had vanished over
night and his cute little tush was again as smooth and white as a
baby’s, just as it had been before the unfortunate incident with the
fence, bull and nettles.
could not understand how his bottom could recover from so much
punishment in a few hours, but it was a relief that it did.
matters soon distracted him from the improvement to his bottom, for a
start he was feeling very hungry, and due to his failed to learn
anything in the short period before he was expelled from the Boy
Scouts of America, he had no idea what in the woods was safe to eat.
was imperative that he found food and clothes. So he set off in the
direction he hoped would lead to the road.
had walked for about two hours, and, as the sun was now quite high in
the sky, he guessed it was now mid morning, but there was still no
sign of the road. Then he spotted an object in the distance, which
he thought might possibly be a house.
he got closer he could see that he was correct, it was a building.
In fact there were a small cluster of buildings, which he from what
he could make out was a small ranch house and a couple of barns. A
ranch meant there could be a rancher and maybe a rancher’s wife,
hopefully a kindly country couple, which he might previously have
dismissed as Hillbillies, who might give him food, lend him clothing,
and help him to get home.
would be deeply embarrassing and humiliating, to turn up at the
ranch, stark naked and begging for help, but he had no other option.
a brief moment Cindy’s Mae’s mocking comment about the film
“Deliverance” echoed in his mind, but he quickly dismissed that.
He hurried on towards the farm, and reassuringly could not hear the
sound of a banjo … at least not yet.

Justice for Joel (Part 4)

For Joel – Continues
bottom burned like fire. No matter how much he tried to ignore it,
the relentless sting wouldn’t go away, that, and the total
humiliation he had been subjected to, was all he could think about.
Not only was he very sore, but he was also very angry, how dare Uncle
Miles and his gang of inbred hicks treat him like this? They had
stripped him naked, and refused to give him back his clothes, they
had spanked him, jabbed him in the butt with pitchforks, and then
they had stung him with stinging nettles!
a result, his naturally sensitive rump felt as if it was being
attacked by a thousand fire ants, while simultaneously being jabbed
with red hot needles. He was, therefore, not a happy boy.
was in a seriously unwelcome predicament, for one thing he trapped on
a farm, in the middle of the Montana hills, hundreds of miles from
girls, from the city and all the things he enjoyed, but he was also
at risk of court mandated, bare bottom, spankings, mostly inflicted
without warning! He felt as if he was living a nightmare, unable to
wake up, and he suspected the dream was about to get even worse.
may please many readers to hear that young Joel’s guess was not be
far off the mark!. Joel was one of those young men who deserved a
permanently sore bottom, and that was exactly what he was going to
dusk began to fall, Joel discovered to his horror that he would have
to sleep with the men in the bunkhouse behind the main ranch house.
This did not please him, and he had complained to his Uncle, however,
Miles had been adamant, if he was going to work on the ranch, he
would have to live life a ranch hand.
Joel protested that the ranch hands were not bare butt naked, Miles
informed him tersely, that he would get his pants returned to him, if
and when he had earned them. Until then he would have to stay bare
sent Joel into an irritated sulk, it was embarrassing being naked,
especially when he had such a red bottom. He was also unhappy about
sharing with the ranch workers. To start with, he was very nervous in
the company of the ranch hands, after what they had done to him
earlier, but also, as a city boy, he felt naturally superior to
country dwelling farm workers and objected to sharing their sleeping
ranch hands quickly sensed that Joel’s arrogant attitude was still
lurking beneath the surface and resolved to bring him down with a
bump, preferably hard on his cute little bare bottom.
turned to Ash and Hadley “Back in my sports bag I have just the
thing which will light that little dickhead’s butt up like a
lightning bug!” he whispered.
like fun” chuckled Ash “It’s red now, but it could do with being
even redder!!”
needs a little extra …. heat I think!” smiled Braden
kid!” he barked in a louder voice, “It’s almost chow time, come
with us, and we’ll show you where you will be bunking down tonight!”
he took a firm grip of Joel’s arm, while Hadley took hold of the
other arm, and, followed by the other men, all grinning broadly, they
marched a very reluctant Joel towards the brightly lit bunkhouse.
or “chow” as the men called it did not appeal to Joel, consisting
of pork meatloaf and corn biscuits, it was far too “country style”
for his (in his view) more sophisticated city based tastes. Also, he
found it very uncomfortable trying to sit on the hard bench by the
table. After a few mouthfuls he stood up and walked away from the
table, aware of the half dozen pairs of amused eyes which were
focused on him.
ass of yours still looks mighty sore kid!” said Braden, a kindly
note in his voice, as he looked at Joel’s still bare and still very
red bottom.
it fucking is!” snapped Joel “after what you fuckers did to it!”
quickly turning his back away from the amused eyes of the other men,
whilst simultaneously covering his exposed genitals with his hands.
can help it feel better!” smiled Braden, “come here, I’ll rub
some soothing cream into it!”
ain’t touching my ass!” replied Joel defensively backing away from
the men, only to find his way blocked by the bunk beds.
be a jackass kid!” laughed Ash he only wants to make your little
bottom feel better. Both he and Hadley too hold of Joel and pulled
him towards the seated Braden, before forcing the struggling youth to
sit on Braden’s lap.
a large and muscular guy, placed one hand beneath Joel’s thighs and,
with one swift and easy movement, lifted his legs up into the air,
with the result that Joel suddenly found himself in an embarrassing
and very exposed position, similar to that of a baby about to have
it’s diaper changed.
the ….?” he yelped “put me the fuck down!!!”
be so dumb kid!” laughed Braden, “we’re just gonna’ sooth that
poor stinging botty of yours!!”
the ‘soothing cream’ Man!” said Hadley picking up a tube from the
table where Braden had placed it earlier (winking to the other men as
he did so. “Hold him steady while I rub it in!” he squeezed the
tube, so that a large dollop of the cream landed in the palm of his
then raised his hand in the air, before taking a swing at Joel so
that the cream covered palm of his hand landed with a loud “SMACK!!”
across the left cheek of Joel’s uplifted bottom.
yelled Joel “That fucking hurt … you ….!!”
down Young’un!” snapped Hadley “We are doing this to make you
more comfortable ….. otherwise, your butt will sting all night!”
he began rubbing the cream firmly into Joel’s butt cheeks.
sure you cover the whole area!” laughed Ash “We want to make sure
that his whole butt feels the …. uh … benefit of that …. er
gentle soothing ointment!”
tried to pull himself free from Braden’s grip, but Braden’s muscular
arms were honed from years of strenuous labour, and with the
assistance of another ranch hand, Jareth Hunter, who held his
shoulders, the protesting youth was kept firmly in place.
are not doing it right!” cried Ash “here let me show you!” he
playfully pushed Hadley to one side and firmly grabbed hold of Joel’s
butt cheeks, pushing them apart, and exposing Joel’s puckering anus
to the horror of Joel and the delight of the grinning men.
needs to go …. everywhere!” he laughed.
with the help of Hadley, then rolled Joel onto his side, still
perched on Braden’s knee, this exposed Joel even more and allowed Ash
greater access to his most intimate areas.
of course, took full advantage of Joel’s position, and firmly rubbed
the cream into every inch, and crevice, of Joel’s cute young butt.
was then that Joel began to become aware of a new sensation spreading
across his nether regions, first a feeling of warmth, then heat
followed a hot fiery sensation. Rather than soothing the burning in
his bottom, whatever, the men were rubbing into him was increasing
his discomfort.
the fuck is that stuff??!!!” screamed joel “It’s burning me!
be stupid Joel!” laughed, Ash, using his thumbs to smear the cream
between the unhappy lad’s cheeks “it will take away the burn!”
making it worse!” protested Joel, now in significant discomfort,
“it’s burning my ass!! …. AAAGGH!! it is really burning me!!”
me look at that tube!” murmured Braden with feigned concern, as,
grinning brightly, Hadley handed him the now empty tube, which
Braden then studied with a frown, while still holding the now yelling
and kicking Joel in place.
heck Buddy!” groaned Braden “That’s the wrong cream, it’s not the
soothing cream, that’s embrocation …. see …” he held out the
tube “Capsaicin cream … it’s chilli based …..!!”
… oh my!” cooed Ash with pretend sympathy “you should never use
that on tender areas ….. it’ll sting like Hell fire!!”
your butt a stinging a bit kid?” asked Braden in his best effort at
a solicitous tone.
fucking is!!” screamed Joel “Get it off me!!!! …AAAAGGGGHH!!!”
loosened his grip on Joel allowing him to leap to his feet and begin
jumping up and down, yelling in anger and pain, as the men stood
around watching him, struggling to stop themselves from laughing out
guess we better give young Joel a bath!” announced Ash “that
should wash off that nasty chilli paste!!”
Come on Kid, we’ll give you a nice bath!!” shouted Hadley “that
will make you feel better!”
Joel could reply, the men took hold of him, and hurried him into the
next room, where and old hip bath had conveniently been placed in the
middle of the room.
more conveniently, numerous pans of water were already heating up on
on a large, old fashioned stove in the corner of the room, whilst two
kettles were already whistling and beginning to steam.
Braden and Ash held onto Joel, the other men swiftly filled the hip
bath with the water from the heated pans and kettles.
what are you d..doing?” stammered Joel
we’re gonna’ give you a bath fella’!” replied Ash “We gotta’ wash
that nasty chilli off your butt!”
that’s too hot!!” yelled Joel “NO!! that’s too damn hot!!”
so dumb kid!” replied Braden struggling to suppress a laugh “It
needs to be hot to get the chilli off!”
of course, was not dumb enough to believe that, a keen athlete while
still at school, he had suffered a number of strains and new that
when hot water came into contact with embrocation on tender skin it
actually intensifies the stinging sensation. At that point
increasing the sensation was the very last thing he wanted!!
fucking way!!” he shouted, fear sending his voice a few octaves
higher than usual. He attempted to pull away from Braden and Ash,
but they just gripped him more tightly.
time for your bath Kid!” growled Ash, “C’mon Buddy, let’s help
…NO!! … DON’T!!” shouted Joel, as Ash firmly took hold of him
under the arms, while Braden grabbed him by the ankles, easily
lifting him off the floor.
me down you dickheads!” shouted the struggling Joel!
will do!” replied Ash with a grin “We will let you down … into
the bath!”
two men carried the horrified and protesting Joel across the room
until they stood on either side of the steaming hip bath, holding the
dangling Joel, bare bottom down over the still close to boiling
men began lowering Joel towards the water, while, in an effort to
stop them, Joel grabbed hold of the two wooden handles on either side
of the batch, in a desperate attempt to push his body, and especially
his, still glowing pink bottom upwards.
a few seconds, Joel’s efforts succeeded in stopping his descent
towards the hot water, but not for long.
placed his arms around Joel’s chest and gripped him in a tight bear
hug “Sorry fella” he growled menacingly, “but you’re going
down!” then, he lowered himself to his knees and with a sudden jerk
of his muscular arms he forced Joel’s body down into the steaming
let out a scream of pain as the scalding hot water reacted with the
chilli based cream, which had earlier been rubbed into his render
skin, increasing the burning sensation by some ten fold.
that nice warm water easing your little sore butt?” chuckled
Jareth, who had been observing the scene with increasing amusement.
is fucking burning me, you fucking ass hole!!” yelled Joel
your tight little ass hole that’s getting roasted kid!” laughed
Jareth “And you might get something worse than hot water up there
if you are not careful!!”
with laughter, Braden and Ash released their grip on Joel, allowing
him the opportunity to jump to his feel, still standing in the hip
bath, but sending hot water splashing onto the floor, and the jeans
clad legs of the ranch hands.
Joel could jump out of the bath, and escape the hot water which was
still burning his bare feel and lower legs, he again found himself
in the firm grip of Ash and Braden, who had now dropped the earlier
pretence of kindness.
think its time this little city boy got another whuppin’” snarled
replied Jareth “An’ I got just the thing!” he picked up a long
handled wooden bath brush
Let him have it Buddy!” Turning Joel so that he bare bottom was
pointed towards Jareth.
sure is a tempting target!” laughed Jareth, reaching out and
tapping Joel’s behind with the brush, before giving it a resounding
struggled and kicked his legs in an attempt to free himself, but the
men held him firmly in place as Jareth aimed a further painful WHACK
at his now quite tortured bottom!
he yelled, as the impact of the hard wood on his sensitive skin sent
shockwaves into his flesh.
bottom was now stinging as if it was under attack from a swarm of
angry yellow jacket wasps.
the bunkhouse, Miles peered through a crack in the curtain, a rye
smile on his face. He was pleased to see that the men were giving
Joel a taste of what the next few months had in store for him. He
knew the men could be rough, and he would step in if they went too
far. Joel’s bottom needed to be kept sore, but not permanently
damaged. However, for the time being, Joel was getting exactly what
he deserved.
inside the men had, to some degree, taken pity on Joel and and
dispensed with the bath brush after a mere 10 Whacks. Instead Braden
and another of the men, Ivan Cooper, placed Joel across their knees
and began what might be called a synchronised spanking. Each man
taking turns in smacking Joel’s wide spread butt, as he yelled and
cussed at them, but was unable to do anything to stop them.
long as Joel was living on the farm him cute 18 year old butt was
theirs to do as they liked with it, and the men were resolved to keep
it glowing pink, tender and well spanked at all times.
hours later, and the men were preparing for bed. “Hey guys” said
Hadley “where is the kid gonna sleep?, there isn’t a spare bunk for
sort one out for him tomorrow, until then he’ll have to sleep on the
porch!” replied Braden, with a wink
a brief moment Joel’s mind buzzed with thoughts of escape, if he was
on the porch, he could wait until the guys were asleep, then steal a
truck, and get away from this God forsaken place.
his hopes of freedom were short lived, as soon as they had escorted
him to the porch outside the bunk house, the men tied his hands and
feet with a long piece of rope, before throwing the other end over a
beam in the porch ceiling.
are you doing?” stammered Joel
need to make sure the coyotes don’t get you boy!” replied Ash, as
the men began pulling on the rope, causing Joel to loose his balance
and fall, landing on his just punished bottom.
men kept pulling on the ropes, hoisting Joel up into the air until he
was hanging from the beam, by his tied wrists and ankles, with his
dangling bare bottom almost brushing against a strange looking metal
apparatus, which looked like a neon light.
can’t leave me like this!!” shouted Joel “Not all night!!”
worry kid!” laughed Ash, “we’ll make sure the bugs don’t bit
you!!” he turned a switch and the object next to Joel’s bottom,
began to hum and flicker to life, giving off a bright blue light.
body jerked with surprise causing him to sway slightly, with the
result that his dangling bare bottom touched the thin metal grid
surrounding the blue light.
a small but painful electric shock, stabbed into his exposed butt
cheek, accompanied by a small flash of blue light “Yeeowwch!!
yelled Joel, his body jerking again, causing him to sway at the end
of the rope, first away from the grid, but then, that very momentum
caused him to swing back into contact with the grid resulting in
another “ZZAAPP!
and a flash of blue light as a small but stinging electrical current
shot into his flesh, this time mere millimetres from his exposed and
rosebud like anus, causing him to let out another scream
the fuck is that thing?” he yelled
kills them ‘skeeters Boy” replied Hadley “We get a lotta’ darn
‘skeeters round here!”
don’t worry Kid” added Ash “the mozzies won’t bite you, not with
you hanging right next to the ‘Skeeter killer and all!”
continued Hadley “Any ‘skeeter that tries to bite your lil’ bare
tail will get hit by an electric charge and ‘zapo’, it’ll be ‘skeeter
be careful not to touch it!” laughed Braden “or you will get a
nasty shock!”
did not need telling about the electrical shocks, having just
received two painful jabbing shocks in what was currently the most
tender and sensitive part of his anatomy from what he now realised
was a rather ancient electrical insect killer. An electric insect
killer on one’s porch is a very useful device in the backwoods of
Montana for some parts of the year, but it is not something anyone
would want to be hanging next to when bare ass naked, as Joel was.
decided to try and reason with the men. “Hey guys, this is not
funny! Let me down now!” he tried to look down at them, but that
just made the rope sway, causing his behind to touch the electrified
grating “ZZZAAAPPP!
kid!” replied Braden “we’ll make up a bunk for you tomorrow, but
tonight you will have to stay up there!!”
fella’” laughed Hadley “Sleep well!”
Joel’s horror the men then sauntered back into the bunkhouse, leaving
him dangling from the roof of the porch, his bottom a hairs breadth
from the electric insect killer.
Joel had a long and painful night ahead of him, not only was it very
uncomfortable hanging from a rope by his hands and feet, but also,
much as he tried to stay perfectly still, this was not possible when
one is dangling from a rope, and even the smallest of movements
caused the rope to swing sending his bare bottom into contact with
the electrified grill surrounding the blue light and jabbing yet
another painful electric shock into his already well punished bottom.
electric shocks may not have been strong enough to cause any serious
or lasting burns, but they were still extremely painful especially on
such tender skin as that on Joel’s bottom.
long Montana night was punctuated with the zapping sound of
electricity on skin, followed by a yell of pain from Joel.
luck really had really run out, and who knew what life had in store
for him next. Whatever it was, it was sure to a pain in the ass!
may return to the ranch later in the year to see how Joel’s summer of
spanking progresses.


Intent on escaping the rancher’s dog, which had just ripped off his shorts, Buddy foolishly ignored the warning signs on fence. As a result, his newly bared bottom and jockstrap covered balls paid a painful penalty for his act of trespass.