The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 19: Next Morning

The Shaman’s Revenge – Part 19

Next Morning

A mocking voice rang out in the prison shower room “Hey Blondie! You dropped the soap!”

Chase turned round to see three grinning faces all looking at him with malicious sneers, the tallest of the three naked men pointed to a bar of soap, which Chase suspected had been deliberately placed on the floor. He knew for certain he had not dropped it, as the bar he had used was on the edge of the sink next to the showers.

Aren’t ya’ gonna’ pick it up then Blondie?” continued the tall convict.

Even though it wasn’t his soap, for a moment Chase wondered if the best way to avoid trouble might have been to just pick up the soap, however, from the expressions on the men’s faces he guessed that was just what his tormentors wanted him to do. He had heard tell that it was dangerous to bend over to pick up the soap in prison showers and decided not to take the risk.

It ain’t my soap!” he replied in as casual manner as he could muster “I didn’t drop it!”

So you’re not gonna’ pick it up?” sneered a second convict.

No!” Chase replied defiantly

The tall convict sauntered over to where the bar of soap was lying, he picked it up and held it towards Chase “See, I picked it up for you Blondie!” he grinned “You are an untidy little blondie brat aren’t you!” his grin broadened “Are you gonna’ put it away now?!”

I told you Buddy, it ain’t my soap!” snapped Chase beginning to get irritated by whatever silly game the other guys were playing

Hey, guys” laughed the tall con, “Little Blondie Bubble Butt is refusing to put the soap away!”

Shall we tell his three new Daddies?” laughed a second convict “I expect they will spank his cute little blond butt all night again, if we tell them!”

They’ll spank him anyway!” laughed the first man “They’re Spanking Daddies!”

Screw you!” growled Chase, angered by the reference to his cellmates earlier attack on him.

Oh my! What a rude little brat Blondie is!” cried the tall convict in mock surprise “I suppose we’ll just have to put this here soapy bar away for him, won’t we guys?”

Yeah we’ll just have to put it way!” agreed the second con with a snigger

Before Chase could react to what was happening, the two men closest to him had lunged at him, grabbed hold of him, and proceeded to wrestle him to the floor!”

Let go of me you fucks!” he shouted attempting to fight them off


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Sadly for Chase, although he could probably have matched either one of them on their own, this was two against one, and within moments he was face down on the floor, with one of the two men straddling him and pinning him down. The second man, the taller of the two then got between his legs and forced them apart.

I am just going to tidy the soap away Blondie!” he hissed “I’ll tuck it away nice and safe” with that, he parted Chase’s butt cheeks with one hand and pushed the bar of soap between them with the other, pushing it against the tiny aperture between.

My aren’t you a tight one!” laughed the convict “Little Blondie here is a virgin!”

Not for long, I guess” laughed a third convict, who had been watching the scene.

Chase stiffened his muscles in an effort to prevent the unwelcome intrusion, but his assailant responded by increasing his efforts to force the hard carbolic bar into Chase’s rigid little anus and inevitably finally succeeded in shoving the soap between the lips of their victim’s tiny rectum, and pushing it up inside him with his large probing fingers.

Chase gasped in shock at the uncomfortable alien insertion, so much larger and harder than the doctor’s finger had been earlier.

There you are Bondie, we have packed it away for you!!” sneered the tall convict “and you’re nice and clean for your Daddies, if they want to fuck you after they’ve spanked you!”

Look guys, he’s dropped more soap!” laughed the observer, holding up a second bar of soap.

The tall convict eagerly took the second bar and was about to attempted to insert that into the same orifice into which the first bar had vanished, when a fourth convict appeared at the door to warn that a guard was approaching.

The men jumped to their feet and swiftly threw the second bar of soap into the sink. “It’s your Lucky day Blondie!” laughed the tall convict “But next time!”

Then they were gone, leaving Chase on the wet floor, still struggling to grasp what had just happened to him.

As he staggered to his feet, a new emotion surged through him, up until then his primary feelings had been shock and fear, but they were now replaced by anger. Anger that he had been caught and then refused bail, and fury at what had happened to him since he arrived at the prison.

Chase was now a very angry young man intent on revenge. Nobody could do what had been done to him, nobody could humiliate him and get away with it, he thought!

However, unfortunately for Chase, his injured pride and his anger were no match for the Shaman’s curse!


On the other side of town, the Shaman’s main target was also just stepping out of the shower.

Jordan could not believe it, once again, he had gone to bed with a battered, and, in this instance badly scorched backside which was so sore, it had kept him awake for hours, before he had fallen into a fitful and nightmare filled sleep. Yet again, in the morning his bottom was back to it’s pure, pert white and unmarked perfection.

Although his new “guardian” The ranger, had left him tied up and sitting, bare bottomed, on a red hot boiler for hours, there was no sign of burning or charring to his smooth and tender skin, even in his most intimate areas. Using his hands he spread his but cheeks and looked back at the reflection in the bathroom mirror, and could see his tiny, tight little butt hole, seemingly giving him a shy pink puckering wink, unmarked, unscarred, and still unknown to man.

There could only be one answer, his body clearly had amazing powers of recovery.

Full bottom recovery aside, there were still many pains in the ass in Jordan’s life, and, at the moment, the biggest pain was the sneering, country Good ol’ Boy, law man whom Jordan’s step father had appointed as his baby sitter in his absence. Of all the things now pissing off Jordan, the very idea that he, at 19, needed a baby sitter was beginning to rankle the most. His little bratty brothers might need supervision, however, he did not, he determined to confront the ranger and let him know exactly what he thought of the arrangement. But first he needed to get dressed.

However. When he pulled open the drawer which usually contained his underpants, he found, to his amazement, that it was empty, he checked the next draw and that was empty , and so was the drawer which had previously contained his speedos and swimming gear.

He rushed to the closet, and to his increasing irritation, found that all his jeans, chinos and shorts had vanished, even his two, rarely ever worn, suits now only consisted of a jacket and no pants. There were vests, T-shirts and sweat tops, but, socks aside, there was nothing to wear beneath the waist. Someone had removed all his pants and underwear, and he had a damn good idea who!

Bare bottomed and furious, he hurried back to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, which he wrapped around his waist, before angrily making his way downstairs to have it out with the damn babysitter, and demand the immediate return of his property.

Jordan’s new babysitter, Ranger Tartarus appeared to be expecting him, as he was standing in the door way to the living room, a sardonic grin on his face. Although on leave, he was dressed in casual blue denim and appeared to have made himself very much at home.

Jordan marched aggressively down the stairs and up to the grinning figure, and stood in front of him, in an attempt at an alpha male pose, with his legs apart and his fists clenched threateningly. “What have you done with my pants and jeans?!!” he demanded “give them back to me!!”

I have put them away safely Sport!” replied Tartarus in an amused drawl “You won’t be needin’ them for a while!”

What are you talking about?!” yelled Jordan, stepping forward menacingly

Doctors orders Sonny!” smiled the Ranger “The doc said you have to stay bare butt for the next six weeks, an’ I’m here to see to it!” ….. the grin grew broader “It’s for your own good!”

Jordan’s mouth fell open, with all that had gone on with the injections and being made to sit on the furnace, he’d quite forgotten what Doctor Schultz had said about not wearing pants “He …he … wasn’t serious!” he stammered “he can’t have been serious!”

He was very serious Sport!” the ranger stepped out of the door way and closer to Jordan “And bare bottomed means no towels neither!” then with on lightning quick motion, and before Jordan could stop him, he grabbed hold of the towel, Jordan had wrapped round himself, and whipped it away, leaving Jordan, once again, naked as a new born babe.

Give that back!” Jordan cried, his voice taking on a hysterical note.

Stop whinin’ Sport!” snapped the Ranger, “It’s gonna’ be a scorcher so you won’t catch cold!” he winked “’sides goin’ nakid’ is healthier for the skin!”

I don’t care if it’s healthy, I am not a nudist!” complained Jordan

You are for the next six weeks Kiddo!” laughed the older man “the BOTTOM half at least!!”

It’s not funny!” grumbled Jordan

That’s what you think!” grinned Tartarus “I think its hilarious, in fact I think I’ll suggest to the Doc we extend it by another month, right through till fall!”

FUCK YOU!” snarled Jordan

Language Junior” scolded the Ranger “We have company!”


Yup!, I forgot to say, come through and meet our guests, they want to talk to you!”

I am not meeting ….. guests … with no pants on!” Jordan growled furiously!

Oh yes you can Sport!” grinned the Ranger “You are gonna’ have to get used to being butt nakid’ and now is as good a time as any to start!”

With that, he grabbed hold of Jordan by the ear, and lead him across the hallway to the living room door ……..


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