Josh’s Comeuppance – Part 2

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Josh could not believe what was happening to him. When he had woken up that morning, he had been Josh Farrell, the coolest (and hottest) dude on campus, hero of the hockey team, and Meadowville University’s premier babe magnet. Just a few hours before he had been the master of all her surveyed, the scourge of wimps and misfits, a proud, confident sports jock, convinced of his innate superiority and ability to kick the ass of anyone who crossed him, but now, in what seemed like moments all that had changed.

For the first time in his life someone else had power over him, and it was he who was on the painful end of a butt kicking, or more accurately, he was on the painful end of a bare butt spanking. Face down across the lap of a dick sucking gay boy, he was being spanked on the bare behind like some naughty little kid, and he was powerless to do anything to stop it.

Adam, the guy spanking him, had evidence against him, which could send him to jail for many years, and Josh knew without a shadow of doubt that, the bastard would use it against him if he didn’t get his way. The creep had said that he intended to spank him whenever he felt like it, and Josh was in little doubt he meant that too.

To make matters worse, his nemesis sure knew how to make a spanking hurt, he had obviously been working out, and was no longer the scrawny wimp Josh had once kicked unconscious. With a strong and seemingly practised swing, Adam was delivering an unending series of stinging swats to Josh’s upturned and defenceless nether regions causing a degree of pain which Josh had never before experienced.

Each swat felt like 100 red hot needles being jabbed into his skin or as if his bottom were being remorselessly attacked by dozens of angry hornets.

However, no matter how much Josh’s sensitive backside might sting, it was equalled by the searing pain being inflicted upon the arrogant young hunk’s even more tender ego. Like most bullies Josh feared humiliation more than almost anything, and here he was being humiliated in front of large and growing audience.

Not only was he being spanked like a naughty child, but it was happening in front of an audience, including his new girlfriend Stacy, one of the hottest pieces of tail on Campus and one whom he had been planing to deflower that very day.

In addition to Stacy, a growing number of swim team were entering the room from the showers and standing around watching his shaming. That it was the swim team made it even worse, according to a wide spread rumour, which Josh believed, this years swimming team were almost entirely gay, and those who weren’t actually gay behaved as if they were. Most of them had suffered abuse, and some violence at the hands of Josh and his buddies, and as a result were heartily enjoying watching him receive his embarrassing comeuppance, their gleeful laughter and applause serving to amplify Josh’s mortification.

Add to that the fact that Stacy and at least one member of the swimming team, were filming the scene on their mobile phones and sending the images on to their friends all over town and beyond, meaning that soon hundreds of people would know what had happened to him, and Josh felt that his ordeal could not possibly get worse.

Josh, of course was wrong, his luck had only just begun its hurtling descent into the abyss, in fact, his ordeal could get considerably worse, and indeed was just about to reach a new depth.

Much as Adam enjoyed the feeling of Josh’s muscular behind beneath his hand, his palm was beginning to burn from the relentless slapping, he glanced around for something else he could use on Josh’s backside, and his eyes alighted on his victim’s kicking legs, and, in particular, his expensive rubber soled trainers.

He leaned over and took a firm grip on Josh’s ankle with one hand, whilst pulling off a shoe with another. He tapped the shoe against his palm, and grinned upon feeling the stinging impact of the rubber against his skin.

“Perfect!” he laughed “you will really feel this!”

With that he began whacking Josh’s reddening bottom with renewed vigour, greeted with delighted applause by Stacy and the Swimmers, together with desperate gasps of discomfort from the unhappy, and even more sore bottomed Josh.

WHACK!….Whack! ….WHACK! The sound of rubber on boy butt echoed around the locker room as Josh , wriggled and struggle across Adam’s knee, clenching his buttocks, in a vain attempt to lessen the sting each blow inflicted.

Again and again Adam brought the expensive designer running shoe down on to Josh’s agonised behind.

Laughing with delight at the sight of the pattern which the rubber grip left, as if embedded, on Josh’s hot butt flesh!!

If Josh had thought Adam’s hand had hurt, it was nothing compared to the rubber soled shoe, which caused a searing pain almost beyond endurance. Within moments Josh’s bottom was a burning epicentre of scalding pain, worse than anything he had ever experienced. To his horror he felt the tears welling in his eyes, and the first sob swelling in his throat. Desperate to retain one last vestige of dignity, Josh fought in vain to stop himself from crying until he could no longer control himself, and at last reluctantly surrendered to his tears.

Sadly for Josh, the captain of the swim team had brought his video camera in order to film their swimming practice session and it was soon employed in recording his punishment

“He’s crying!!” yelled on of the swimmers pointing at Josh’s contorted face “What a wimp!”

Soon, in addition to the whacks, the locker room echoed to cheers and shouts of “Cry Baby!” together with Josh’s uncontrolled sobs.

Like most women who express great compassion for a distressed child, but little for an unhappy adult male, Stacy’s reaction to Josh’s tears differed from the swimming boys, in that, instead of delight, she felt only contempt for the jock, to whom only minutes before she would have happily surrendered the final memory of her virtue. “And I thought you were a man Joshie!!” she snarled “I can’t watch any more of this!” with a flick of her blonde locks she spun round and marched out of the room, anxious to tell all her friends what she had just seen, as Josh in his despair, knew she would be.

Adam allowed his gaze to briefly stray from Josh’s bottom to watch Stacy leaving. Her departure was well timed. Up to that point, her presence had been essential in heightening Josh’s humiliation, but it was best she did not observe what he next had planned for the unlucky Josh.

To be continued ……….

Poll Result – Josh’s Comeuppance – Part 1

It was well after nine, and Josh should have been making his way to a maths class, but instead he lay naked on top of his bed dreaming about Stacy Studebaker, who was his latest date and one of the hottest chicks on campus. Stacy was a total babe, a California blonde, with the sort of jugs, the very of which would send most red blooded boys reaching for the Kleenex. Josh had done a lot of thinking about Stacy that night, and had used up a lot of Kleenex in the process.

He had not fucked her yet, largely due to the unexpected appearance of her mother at a crucial point during their first date, but that would be rectified tonight when he planned, in his own words, “to fuck the lucky bitch’s brains out”.

Finally he got up and made his way to the bathroom, where he caught sight of his handsome face in the mirror, he grinned smugly, how could Stacy resist him? With that he turned on the shower and stepped in unaware, with the typical heterosexual fixation on his dick, of the fabulous display which his tender, white, nineteen year old bottom was presenting to the watching janitor, who had installed a series of hidden spy cameras in Josh’s dorm rooms a few weeks previously.

The janitor, who had frequently been the victim of Josh’s arrogant rudeness, had, as revenge, already amassed hours of video footage of Josh in various states of nakedness and masturbation which he planned to publish on the internet, under the title “Jack Off College Jock” in the very near future.

However, that embarrassing humiliation was still some weeks away, while Josh was about to suffer a more immediate, and physically more painful humiliation that very day.

The first hint of what was to come appeared shortly after Josh had finished his shower, and, still dripping wet and naked, turned on his PC to check if Stacy had e-mailed him.

Josh frowned, irritatingly, there was no message from Stacy, however, there was one from someone calling himself ‘nemesis’ entitled “It’s time to pay Josh”.

“What the f…?” muttered Josh. The e-mail might be spam, but he decided to open it all the same. At first the message did not see to make much sense, as all it said was: “If you want to save your ass, you will have to pay with your ass. Unless you want your probation officer and Judge Hardman to see this, come to the the Swim team locker room at 12:00”. Once Josh scrolled down to the photo attachments, however. the meaning of the e-mail became very clear indeed.

There on the computer screen was a photograph, which must have been taken two days earlier, of Josh and his buddy Chris in a back street down town snatching a woman’s purse. To Josh’s horror he noted that although Chris’s face was rather blurred, his own could not be in sharper resolution . “Shit” snarled Josh “I’m fucked”, an assessment further confirmed, as he scrolled down further, to see, as he had guessed he would an image taken moments later showing him roughly knocking the woman to the ground, again his face was clearly visible and easily recognisable.

Josh’s head begun to spin and he felt sick to his stomach, he knew that those pictures could send him straight to prison. It was down to luck and the expensive lawyer his Daddy had paid for that he had escaped with probation following his last conviction. The judges’ words echoed in his head “You step out of line one more time young man, and you will be going to prison for at least five years!” and he meant it.

Josh had a good idea what happened to boys like him in prison and he had no intention of it happening to him. He had no option other than to meet with “Nemesis” in the swim team locker room and, somehow get those pictures back, if it meant breaking some teeth to do so, it would not be the first time Josh had done that.

Josh reached the Swim team locker room long before 12:00 and anxiously paced up and down waiting for “Nemesis” to arrive. As the minutes passed his anxiety and anger were rising in direct proportion, some asshole was trying to blackmail him, but what did they want, the e-mail had said he would have to “pay with his ass” which sounded like something a gay person might say, if some fag was trying to get their hands on his butt they would be sorry, that was for sure, they would be a dead fag ….. ten seconds after they handed over those damn pictures.

“Hi Josh” said a voice from behind him “you are early … I guessed you might be”

Josh spun round to face the owner of the mocking voice, and was confronted by a vaguely familiar face which at first he could not quite recognise, until he remembered that the last time he had seen it, it had been bruised, blooded and in close contact with his boot. However, the face had changed, for a start the body beneath it was more muscular and toned than it had been, and instead of the expression of fear, pain and misery it had worn the last time he had seen the face, a casual smile and twinkling eyes suggested a confident amusement which Josh was not used to seeing in his adversaries.

“You?” he snarled “are you trying to threaten me you fucking fag?” he couldn’t remember ‘Nemesis’s’ name but he remembered he was gay, or at least that, he and his gang had decided to accuse him of being gay, moments before they had beaten him unconscious.

“I am not threatening you Josh” replied the grinning man “I am just making you an offer, either I pass the pictures of you beating up on that unfortunate woman, to the authorities, with the result that you spend the next five to ten years playing bitch to a 250 pound lifer called Scar, or alternatively your cute straight boy butt gets to pay for what you did to me and to all the others who’s lives you have damaged.”

Josh clenched his fists, he could hardly wait to beat the grinning fairy’s face to a pulp, but he had to get his hands on those damn pictures first “Pay? … what do you mean my butt ‘get’s to pay’?”

“What I mean Josh” replied Adam, the grinning man,“is that you drop your pants, bend over my knee, and I spank your bare bottom, whenever, and wherever I feel like it …. and I think I am feel like it very often!!”

“You will do what?” growled Josh stepping forward with his fist raised “I’ll break your neck first”

“I wouldn’t recommend violence Josh” smiled Adam “Right at this moment I have a friend sitting at a computer, and if he doesn’t hear from me every twenty minutes, he is going to click the ‘send’ command on an e-mail which is right now sitting in his out box. Can you guess who that e-mail is addressed to Josh? And what is attached to it?”

Josh paused scowling at his mocking adversary. The fag could be lying, but it was a risk he was not ready to take, that image of the 250 pound lifer Adam had evoked was far too clear. What was he going to do? He had only been spanked once as a child and it had hurt like hell, he did not wish to repeat that, especially as, in addition to the pain, it would be really humiliating being spanked by a gay guy. However, at the moment the bum boy seemed to hold all the cards, and Josh knew that whatever the guy wanted to do to him, what would happen to him in jail would be far worst.

“So….” he muttered reluctantly “if I let you ….. spank my butt, you’ll give me those fucking pictures?”

“Oh no Josh, that would never do!” replied Adam “That would never do, those pictures are my insurance policy, and, besides, as long as I have them I get to spank you whenever I want to. One little spanking is not going to make up for what you did, from now on being spanked is going to be a big part of your life. If I wake up at five in the morning and decide I want to spank you, I’ll phone you and you will come over for a spanking. I may decide to spank you on Christmas morning, on your birthday, at Thanksgiving, and you will have to take it. I couldn’t do that if I gave you the photos could I?” Adam laughed “No way Josh Baby, as long as I keep the pictures, I own your ass, so I’m keeping them safe!”

Josh’s handsome jaw dropped open as the full impact of what the gay guy had said begin to sink in, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing but he knew his would be tormentor meant every word. This was the worst thing that had ever happen to him. “What could be more humiliating than being spanked at the whim of some fucking homo?” he asked himself, only to have his question answered seconds later.

“Josh?” said a familiar female voice “Why do you want to meet here?…. In the guy’s locker room?”

This could not be happening, but it was, Stacy Studebaker was standing in the open doorway to the locker room looking bemused, yet slightly intrigued by the unaccustomed surroundings. “What are you doing here?” he gasped

“You told me to meet you here Joshie” replied Stacy “I got a text!”

“Hi Stacy!” smiled Adam “Actually I was the one who invited you, Josh has been a very bad boy, so I am going to spank his bottom and I thought you might like to watch!”

“What?” asked the incredulous Stacy, turning to look at Josh “Joshie, what is he talking about?”

Josh stared at her in wide eyed horror, his mouth opening and closing like some very beautiful landed wish, but no words would come, this could not be happening!

Adam turned back to Josh “Silly me, I forgot to tell you about the audience!” he chuckled “and she is not the only one, the swim team will have finished their practice any moment now, in fact, I think I can hear them in the showers right now, so they will be here to watch as well.” he walked over to a bench in front of the lockers and sat down. “Right, lets get on with it. Take off your jacket, drop your pants and get that cute straight boy butt over my knee!”

Josh stood as if frozen to the ground, still unable to fully believe that this was really happening This homo was planning to spank his bare ass in front of a hot chick, who just hours before, he was planning to fuck, and the only way that he, Josh, could refuse him would be to risk spending years in prison having far worse things done to his ass.

“What are you waiting for Josh?” asked Josh the note of malicious amusement in his voice impossible to miss. “Get over my knee boy”

With a sense of miserable resignation and almost against his will Josh found himself removing his leather jacket, dropping it in the corner and walking slowly towards Adam. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Stacy, who was watching him with an expression of amazed disbelief, he knew he would never be able to look her in the face again, just as he knew he would now never get to ball her.

At that moment a further blow struck as a further figure , this one male and dressed only in a towel entered the room, soon the whole swimming team would be there as cheering witnesses to his mortification.

As soon as Josh was within range, Adam reached out with a well practised movement and unbuttoned Josh’s blue jeans, which he bulled down to the unhappy bully’s knees. “Over” he said, pointing at his knee.

Cursing his inability to resist Josh obeyed and was soon lying face down across Adam’s lap, staring at the floor with a fixed gaze, wishing vainly that it would open up and swallow them both. He flinched at the sound of Stacy’s voice, his mind’s eye imagining the scene that she, and the newly arrived swimmer were witnessing.
“Why are you letting him do this to you Joshie?”cried Stacy “Are you really going to let him spank you?”

It was Adam not Josh who answered her, delivering a sharp ‘SMACK!’ to Josh’s upturned bottom, causing the first satisfyingly pink mark to spread across the flawless ivory skin.

Josh jerked involuntarily, he had not expected a gay man to be able to smack so hard, but that first blow had stung a lot. He stiffened in anticipation of the next. Like most bullies Josh had a very low tolerance of pain, as a child he had cried for an hour and thrown a tantrum following a small injection in the bottom, so he had no idea how he would endure what was to come. He gritted his teeth and wondered if the next smacks would be as hard.

He did not have long to wonder, as Adam soon followed up with a second, third and forth slinging slaps to Josh’s exposed and vulnerable rear, each harder and more painful than the one which had preceded it. Every smack feeling like a dozen bee stings the hard relentless hand of a gay guy he’d once kicked unconscious continued to assail his perfect bottom.

However, even more painful than the spanking was the humiliation of being spanked by a faggot, in front of an audience which included his girlfriend and a growing crowd of wimpy swimmers, he would never live this down. At that moment a burst of male laughter told him that a futher member of the swim team has joined the audience. Already his facial cheeks were glowing pink with embarrassment, as the cheeks of his buttocks took on a similar shade.

Adam looked down at the prize across his knee, Josh Farrell’s magnificent, bare, jock bottom presented to him like some primitive sacrifice, to do with as his wished, and right now his wish was to spank it crimson. He had only seen Josh’s ass fleetingly, in the showers, and never so close up before, he had known it was a prime specimen, but until now he had not appreciated what a magnificent object it was. Firm and round, it was muscular, yet still smooth and hairless which made it seem tender and vulnerable, those fine buttocks were now raised towards him like two snowy, yet pinkening, globes, as if inviting him to spank them harder, irrespective of their owner’s views on the matter .

Adam was in need no invitation, and vigorously continued to spank Josh’s helpless and progressively reddening backside as he had so long dreamed of doing.

He had feared his plan would fail or that really spanking Josh would be a disappointment compared to the fantasy, but now the reality was here, it was so much better than he had imagined, he resolved to relish every second of his vengeance. He grinned with satisfaction on feeling Josh tense before each smack, clearly his palm was causing the intended discomfort to its target. With that he delivered a rapid fire series of hard swats to Josh’s burning cheeks, denying Josh the opportunity to prepare himself between smacks, and was rewarded by a snarled profanity from the sore bottomed boy across his lap.

Equally rewarding was the reaction of Stacy, who was staring with open mouthed fascination at her would be seducer’s bare bottomed punishment. The success in ensuring that Stacy was present, added hugely to the effect his well deserved comeuppance would have on Josh. It was vital to his plan that Josh was not only spanked, but that he was shamed and humiliated as well. The jock across his knee Josh had humiliated him in public, and now Josh would taste the bitter fruit of humiliation for himself.

Adam glanced across at the fascinated Stacy, if he had judged her right, she was not a girl to keep a secret, through her, and, of course the notoriously indiscreet swimming team, who were also gathering to watch, Josh’s spanking would soon be the hottest story on campus.

As he was imagining Stacy rushing to tell all her girlfriends that dreamboat Josh had just gotten’ his ass spanked by a gay guy, he saw to his delight that she had taken out he mobile phone and was excitedly filming the scene. This was something Josh had to know about!. Adam lent over and whispered in Josh’s ear “Just so you know, your girlfriend is filming me spanked your naked ass!”

In horror Josh looked back over over his shoulder “Oh no! Please Baby don’t!” he pleaded, but Stacy carried on filming.

Adam laughed out loud, knowing as well as Josh that, within minutes, pictures of his spanking would be appearing all over campus.

To be continued ………..

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Poll Results – Justice for Josh

Well the poll results are in and the results are quite decisive. 73% of those who voted, a total of 177 people, want to see Josh soundly and humiliatingly spanked, bare assed, in front of his girlfriend, hence our handsome bad boy will certainly be going over someone’s knee very shortly.

The majority in favor of of giving Josh a spanking was overwhelming, however, other leading results were as follows:

39 votes (16%) were cast in favor if Josh receiving a series of painful injections in his bottom
34 voters (14%) wanted to see a group of guys kick handsome Josh in the butt
26 (10%) thought Josh’s perfect 19 year old butt should become a human dart board
while a further 21 (8%) felt that a sun burnt bottom would teach Josh well deserved lesson

It seems that a lot of visitors agree that Josh deserves to become a sore bottomed guy, and they won’t be disappointed.

Justice is coming Josh’s way, it may take a few days to arrive, but sure as Christmas, destiny is on its way, and it is heading straight towards Josh’s bottom

Watch this space

Poll: What should happen to Josh? # 3

Handsome, but arrogant, hockey jock, Josh is still unaware that well over two hundred gay men have already voted to decide which painful and humiliating punishment, accident or act of fate will soon befall his tender 19 year old bottom.

However, although he may not know about the vote, but he is becoming aware of the fact that the charmed life he lived up until now was beginning to change. The boy who had always got what ever he wanted and had always won at every thing has suddenly started to experience a spate of very bad luck.

It had begun earlier in the week when, on a very warm day he had gone on a run, wearing nothing but a pair of blue Lycra shorts which showed off his bulging groin which was so admired by so many girls (and guys, although homophobic Josh ignored then). They also showed off his pert behind very nicely, as shown in the photo below.

After running around ten miles, he developed a cramp, which was unusual for such a fit and athletic hunk, and unwelcome for someone with such a low pain threshold as Josh.

In an attempt to ease the pain Josh performed some stretching and bending exercises, presenting a most attractive display of firm Lycra covered buttocks to anyone approaching from behind.

The display became even more appealing when with a sudden ripping noise the tight Lycra surrendered to the strain and tore apart right across the seat, revealing Josh’s beautiful white bottom in all its glory.

As Josh was miles from home and had no other clothing, he was obliged to make the journey home in that state, his humiliation made worse by the obvious enjoyment the display if his fully exposed bottom gave his neighbors.

To make matters worse, Josh was so pissed off by what had happened that he forgot to take his sports gear to the gym that evening, and to his horror coach made him work out wearing nothing but his jockstrap, revealing, as the picture below, which was taken by one of his team mates on their mobile phone, and widely circulated, shows that Josh was very much a virgin, at least in one respect.
So far. Josh’s bad luck had just been embarrassing and humiliating, however, his luck was obviously changing, and who knows how unlucky he would soon become.

As 74% of those who have voted so far believe that Josh should face the humiliation of being spanked in front of his girlfriend, it now seems inevitable that will happen. However, even after that, Josh’s luck is unlikely to improve, among the other options which are doing well in the voting are:

# Josh should receive a series of painful injections in the bottom
# Josh’s victims should tie him down and use his butt as a dart board
# Josh’s behind should get badly sun burnt
# Josh should get kicked up the butt

If those, or any other options appeal to you, or if you want to add to the majority in favor of a spanking, you can vote in the poll in the right hand column of this blog.

To read more about Josh, and why you should vote, click here.

Yes, Josh’s luck is on the change, and it is about to get a lot worse

Poll: What should happen to Josh? 2

Ten in the morning, long after Josh should have been up and at college, the indolent youth is still lazing in bed. As he smugly dreams of his prowess of the hockey field and his success with the local girls, Josh is unaware that already 170 gay men have cast votes as to the painful and humiliating treatment fate has in store for his firm, round and athletic, 19 year old, bottom.

The handsome bully has no idea that his crisp white Calvin Klein underpants will soon be pulled down, to expose his vulnerable white butt for all to see as it receives some well overdue punishment.

Right now life seems good to Josh, and he arrogantly believes he will continue to get away with what he has been getting away with up to now, on account of his good looks and his skill with a hockey stick, but all that is about to change. He doesn’t know it, but it already seems that he is very likely to suffer the ultimate embarrassment of being spanked bare assed, in front of his latest girlfriend, of who’s ample breasts he is currently dreaming. If so, that will be an event so humiliating that he will never be able to look her in the face again, and one made worse by the certain knowledge that she will tell everyone in college.

However, given Josh’s rap sheet a single punishment is nowhere near what he deserves, and we at Sore Bottomed Guys believe that his perfect bottom should suffer more than one of the painful punishments currently being voted on. So, those of you who would like to see something other than a spanking inflicted on Josh’s butt should still vote because your choice could also come true.

What would you like to happen to Josh’s behind? It appears that it will will almost certainly be spanked, but will it also receive painful injections from a mad doctor? Become a human dartboard? Get sun burnt, stung or kicked? Keep voting and find out.

You may think we are being cruel, but the girls Josh has dated and dumped (and worse) won’t think it is cruel that his backside should pay for what he did to them, neither will the gay men he has tormented and battered, or the old woman who’d hip was broken in that hit and run DUI accident he never got punished for, or any of his other victims over 19 spoilt and arrogant years. So, you can vote with confidence, knowing he deserves what is coming to him, whatever it is, and feel free to enjoy imagining it.

You can vote in the poll in the right hand column on this blog. To read more about Josh and the sore bottom options in store for him and which you can vote for click here.

If you have any other suggestions as to what you would like to happen to Josh, please feel free to add them to the comments section (anonymously if you prefer) or write to

Poll: What should happen to Josh?

This is Josh Bradley, he is an arrogant, straight, college jock. At 19 he is captain of the hockey team and a major babe magnet. However, he treats women badly and loves to beat up on gay guys. Josh thinks he is really cool, but we think he is clearly overdue for a dose of bad luck resulting in a really sore bottom. But what misfortune should befall Josh which will cause his firm 19 year old bubble butt to become so sore? vote in the poll in the right hand column and you might really get to see your vote coming true.

You can vote as many times as you like, and the options are:

1) Spanking: Josh receives a humiliating bare butt spanking in front of his girlfriend

2) Injection: A mad doctor ties Josh across the examination table and gives him a series of painful injections in the butt

3) A group of Josh’s victims tie him over a stool and use his butt as a dart board

4) Stung on the butt : Josh sits on an angry hornet

5) Josh is forced to sit bare assed on a hot radiator

6) Josh falls asleep in the sun, a gay guy pulls down his shorts leaving his butt to roast

7) Josh gets kicked in the butt by a group of angry guys

8) a horse kicks Josh up the butt

Any further suggestions as to what should happen to Josh can be added to the comments section, or send an e-mail to

You have 14 days to vote and can change your vote at any time. Let me know if you think this is fun. (If enough people vote it is possible that two or more of the above misfortunes may befall our unlucky hero – you decide quite how unlucky he is!)