The Singeing of Crispin Cherrybutt (Part Four – pt 1)

Singeing of Crispin Cherrybutt
(Part Four – pt 1)
his eyes began to become accustomed to the dark, Crispin finally
began to be able to see who
was sharing the dungeon with him. He could make out a handsome
muscular man, about eight or ten years older than himself, with a
face which was vaguely familiar. At first he struggled to recall
where he knew the man from.
he remembered “Gallant Sir Tybalt!” he gasped, “Is it really
older man, raised his head, as if surprised “It is a long time
since I have heard my name spoken” he replied, “but, yes, it is
I!” his voice, was strong and deep, with the cadence of noble
birth, melding incongruously with the slight hesitance of one who
has not shared a conversation in quite some time.
recall, when you left to fight the dragon!” blurted Crispin, “I
was just a child then, I was with the crowd cheering you as you rode
from the city, and I recall how inspired I was by your bravery!” he
paused as he remembered, “When you did not return people feared
the dragon had …… cooked you with his fiery breath, and eaten
sighed “Ah!” he said “I would have suffered less if it had
eaten me!” he looked at Crispin with an expression of sorrowed
compassion “As I fear you will soon suffer also!”
do you mean?” asked Crispin, the quiver in his vice betraying any
attempt at appearing stoic and brave!”
man who pose as monks are in fact the Hellish creatures of an evil
Lord!” replied “This is no Holy order, they long ago lost their
faith and are now a dangerous cult, who worship a fearsome demon who
rules over the pit of torment!” he shuddered “They demonstrate
their devotion to the beast by inflicting the torments of Tartarus on
their captives ….. me ….. us!”
mouth fell open in unconcealed shock, stunned by what he was hearing,
and increasingly nervous of what might lie in store for him!
have you not escaped?” he asked
me, I have tried!” replied Tybalt, “But the monks keep me closely
guarded!” he paused and glanced around, as if checking they were
not overheard, before he continued in a hushed voice “You must keep
this secret!” he whispered “I am digging a tunnel, it is hidden
behind that boulder in the corner, but it is taking a long time, as
the stone is so hard. Perhaps now there are two of us, we will make
more progress!”
Crispin could respond and express his eager willingness to join
Tybalt in digging his escape tunnel, the great wooden door to the
dungeon was flung open by a group of monks who entered, grabbing hold
of the two handsome knights and dragging them up the stairs.
attempted to struggle free, but the monk’s were unexpectedly strong
and had superior numbers, so they held him firm. Meanwhile Tybalt,
perhaps weakened and disheartened by his years as a prisoner, seemed
resigned to his fate, and put up little resistance.
monks carried and dragged the protesting Crispin and the sad faces
but silent Tybalt into a large chamber with two drape covered altar
in the middle, on to which the two young men were forced to crawl,
before their wrists and ankles were tightly shackled with leather and
gave Crispin a doleful look, his voice quivered with compassion and
resignation “Be brave my friend!” he said “Your suffering will
be great, but it will end eventually”
was not feeling at all brave, and his composure was not improved by
the older man’s ominous words.
the situation got considerably worse, as one of the younger monks
stepped forward carrying a tray on which were two huge and erect
penises, both seemingly carved from what the wide eyed and fearful
Crispin instantly recognised as the dreaded fire root.
was only hours since his last encounter with this fearsome root, and
his anus was still painfully smarting, he prayed to whatever god was
listening that the huge objects before him would not be used for a
similar purpose. Sadly, it seemed that the only god listening was
the monstrous demon to whom the monks paid homage, and the miserable
expression in Tybalt’s handsome brown eyes, told Crispin that his
worst fears were about to be fulfilled.
of the monks took hold of the carved phalluses, the younger of the
two flinching slightly as the scalding juices burnt his fingers. Then
each walked to the end of an altar, whilst chanting in an archaic
they stood behind each man they lifted the fire root penises up
before roughly inserting the first six inches of the intricately
carved objects into into the rectums of the two unhappy knights,
leaving a further four or so inches and the large scrotum shaped
appendage sticking out. 
the stoicism gained from long exposure to such outrages Tybalt merely
moaned slightly, however, the raw young Crispin for whom this was
agonisingly new yell, screamed and cried out obscenities as the
burning juices of the fire root soaked into his his most intimate and
tender areas.
further monks, who’s presence, until that moment, had gone relatively
unnoticed by the handsome knights, and who were holding large wooden
paddle like objects, easily mistakable for ancient flatbread or pizza
shovels, also stepped forward.
two monks then brought down the wooden paddles, which they had been
holding high like flags, until they were inches from the base of the
fire root phalluses protruding from the knights behinds. Then they
swung them back and then forward hitting the base of the vegetable
scrotum with a loud whack, and forcing a further centime of the shaft
into the tight orifice.
gasped and Crispin literally squealed with pain and shock as the huge
object was squeezed further inside him.
monks continued to whack their paddles against the replica organs as
if they were knocking a peg into a hole with a mallet.
force of the blows first split the phalluses, and then then began to
crush the large scrotum bulge at the end, sending sprays of scalding
fire root sap across the two knights. handsome and exposed buttocks.
Soon the carved stiffies had all but vanished, the main part having
been forced inside the unlucky victims, and the rest crushed in to
acid like liquid. Yet, still the Monk’s continued to paddle the
knights with their fire root soaked paddles, escalating the impact of
each blow with impact of the old dragon’s fiery breath.
to tolerate the pain Crispin began to shout, cursing and threatening
the monks with what he would do to them when he was free.
care my friend!” urged Tybalt in alarm “take care lest the friars
punish you more severely” he attempted to whisper to the younger
man “they will take you to the hives, and, believe me Dear friend,
you never want to be taken to the hives!!
Crispin ignored his compatriot’s warning and continued to snarl,
curse and should threats at the monks. Too late he realised the
danger he was placing himself in.
oldest monk, who appeared to be the leader, approached the alters a
cruel smile on his ugly and twisted lips, he took hold of a clump of
Crispin’s hair in his fist, lifted the young knight’s head up and
looked into his face.
well, you impudent young pup! He scoffed “You have not learned your
lesson yet!” he grinned in a way that sent a shiver down Crispin’s
back “You need serious chastisement my boy” the old monk growled
unkindly “and our little friends are well equipped for that!”
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The Shaman’s Revenge Part 10

Shaman’s Revenge Part 10
lay on the cold basement floor, very miserable, very sore and unable
to get up or escape from the discovery he knew was coming. Within
moments discovery arrived.
on ….?” a boomed voice echoed round the basement and briefly
distracted Jordan from his torment, he looked up and saw the ranger
entering the room, and knew instantly that his bad day was going to
get a lot worse. 
ranger, bare foot and bare chested, strode across the room and stood
looking down at Jordan with an expression of poorly concealed
amusement on his face “What are you doing boy? … how did you get
in here?” … he looked across to the open skylight window “Did
you break in?”
I .. “ stammered Jordan, keenly aware there was nothing he could
say which would not make his predicament worse.
I arrest you? …” mused the ranger with feigned seriousness “or
should I have a word with your Dad …?”
Officer … Sir … I can explain!” moaned Jordan, his mind
struggling for an explanation as to why he was lying naked on the
floor or the ranger’s basement which would both not incriminate him
or appear totally fanciful!
up off the floor!” ordered Officer

can’t!” wailed Jordan
do mean you “can’t”?” snapped the Ranger
…I … I just can’t!” relied the miserable Jordan
be stupid boy …get up!…. on your feet boy!!”
can’t …. I’ve got a ……. a ……. bottle brush up my ass!”
moaned Jordan.
shouted the Ranger, pretending he had no idea what had befallen
Jordan “Let me look?” he stepped forward and tool a close look at
Jordan’s bottom “By damn! You have!!” he frowned at Jordan “What
have you been doing boy?”
protested Jordan “It just flew up there!!!” As the words left his
mouth he knew nobody would believe them so he corrected himself “I
.. er … sat on it!!” at least that sounded slightly more
ranger raised a sceptical eyebrow “If you you .. uh .. say so kid!”
he folded his arms “You sure you ain’t been … experimenting …
like boys do!”
I ‘ain’t … haven’t been experimenting … I am not a pervert!”
yes??? …..Says the naked guy with a bottle brush up his ass!”
chortled the Ranger “why is it stopping you from standing up?”
think it must be pressing on a nerve. When I try to stand up it jabs
into me!”
… are you sure you are not just being a wimp because it feels
bad?…. try getting on your hands and knees.”
considerable difficulty Jordan managed to clamber on to his knees,
making grunts of discomfort every time the prickly plastic brush
jabbed his tight little passage.
try crawling across the floor!” 
increasing discomfort Jordan attempted to crawl as instructed,
letting out increasingly shrill squeaks of pain as he did so.

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ranger roared with laughter as he watched Jordan’s perfect, but much
punished bottom sway from side to side with the wire handle of the
brush protruding from between his cheeks. As if unable to resist, he
lent forward and flicked the handle with his forefinger, causing it
to vibrate inside Jordan’s rectum.
screamed Jordan as the a tingling and prickling sensation surged
through his body, feeling as if all the nerve ends in his bottom had
received an electric shock. “Don’t do that!!”
you squat?” asked Officer
“You might find that easier!”
like doing squat thrusts in the gym!” replied the ranger “Here
let me help you!” He stepped forward, grabbed Jordan under the
armpits and pulled him up as the unhappy boy howled in discomfort.
in a squatting position, Jordan realised the Ranger had been right
and that this position was a bit easier to bear, albeit it was still
very uncomfortable.
better!” said the ranger “Now we need to get you to the hospital,
so they can remove that thing!”
you going to call an ambulance?” asked Jordan, cringing at the
thought of paramedics seeing him with a bottle brush up his behind
“Couldn’t a doctor come here instead?”
there is no need to waste valuable medical resources and time
ferrying a fit athlete a few hundred yards” snapped Officer
Tartarus “The hospital is just down the street!”
how am I going to get there, I can’t walk!”
can waddle!”
can’t waddle!
” snapped Jordan in horror
course you can, you’re a fit, athletic guy, it should be no problem,
….. and I am certainly not going carry you!”
it’s miles to the hospital!”
its a mile and half at most, it’s just a brisk walk ….. waddle ..
and we’ll be there in no time!”
at the prospect of waddling a mile and a half with a bottle brush in
his backside, Jordan looked around the room as if seeking a means of
escape. Then he noticed something was missing …
are my clothes? … they were over there? …”
Ranger looked around casually and shrugged “I can’t see no clothes
need my clothes… they can’t have disappeared ..”
dumb boys” laughed the Ranger “always losing something!” he
turned back to Jordan “I guess you’re just gonna’ have to go in
your birthday suit!!” with that he grabbed Jordan round the waist,
threw him over his shoulder and walked swiftly up the steps out of
the basement.
was, in fact almost two miles to the local hospital, and every yard
was a nightmare for Jordan as each waddled step caused the prickly
brush to jab into his sensitive anus and various internal nerves
sending tingling shock waves from his bottom through the rest of his
body. Although the bristles were only plastic, and were actually not
tearing flesh, he felt as if they were. Therefore, each wobbling step
was accompanied with a gasp or an angry yell of discomfort.
be such a baby Jordan!” laughed the Ranger, who was walking slowly
along beside the unfortunate young swimmer, and unable to fully hide
the pleasure he was taking from Jordan’s discomfort.
discomfort was to increase and be combined with shame and
embarrassment as they got closer to the hospital where there were a
number of people walking in and out, all of whom stooped to stare,
point and laugh at the naked young man waddling down the street, like
a large pink and particularly handsome duck! He prayed that none of
them spotted the wire bottle brush handle sticking out of his naked
for Jordan, as soon as they reached the hospital, Officer Tartarus
wasted no time in making sure that everyone in earshot knew all about
the bottle brush. “We need some help here!” he bellowed
loudly “Jordan Draper here has gone and got a bottle brush stuck
right up his backside!
” His voice grew louder “Don’t know
how he’s done it mind, but idiot boys do do the dumbest things!!”
so loud, please they will all hear!!” pleaded the humiliated young
the Ranger ignored Jordan’s pleas “He claims he weren’t
experimenting or anything!” he continued “but, ya’ know, how does
a dude get a prickly brush stuck deep up his lil’ white boy tush,
without doing something a bit weird?! ….. I’m Just saying!!”
woman at the reception desk, who Jordan, to his horror recognised as
a friend of his Mom’s, almost fell off her chair in an attempt to
stifle her laughter as she blurted out “I will page a Doctor
immediately Sir!” before hiding her mouth with her hand.
later, as if Jordan’s horrible day could not get any worse, a
familiar white gowned figure arrived on the scene, it was Dr Schultz,
the college doctor, who was filling in filling in for a colleague at
the hospital.
Caleb … Officer Tartarus!” he said “I see young Jordan had got
himself into yet another pickle!”
Doc!” laughed the Ranger, “he’s got himself skewered more like,
the dumb jock has stuffed a prickly bottle brush up his fanny!
didn’t stuff it up ….there!” protested Jordan
did it get there then son?” asked the Doctor in a marginally
mocking tone.
jut got there .. okay?!” snapped Jordan “Now just get the fucking
thing out!!”
your tongue brat!” ordered the Ranger “That’s another thing I
need to talk to your Dad about later!!”
did not have time to think about what the Ranger might tell his dad
as the loud shouting had attracted quite a crowd of observers, who
now mingled around the entrance lobby, laughing and pointing at the
metal handle protruding from between his butt cheeks. Worrying about
his Dad’s reaction would come later, all he cared about now was
getting the brush removed and finding somewhere to hide.
with me!” said the doctor, leading, the still waddling, Jordan to a
side room, followed by the Ranger, who, when passing the door, wedged
it open, enabling the assembled crowd to see in.
two strong older men easily lifted the young swimmer onto the raised
hospital bed and laid on his back with his legs in the air. 
the assembled cowed watched in chuckling fascination, the doctor set
to work trying to pull the brush out of Jordan’s rectum, as as the
unhappy jock squeaked and whimpered in discomfort and acute
despite repeated orders to relax, Jordan was so stressed and tense
that his sphincter muscles had involuntarily contracted so tightly
around the the brush it refused to budge.
can’t move it!” complained the doctor, “The boy’s rectum is
gripping it like a vice!”
let me try!” said the ranger stepping forward and taking hold of
the end of the brush “I have a knack for these things!” So
focused was the doctor and others in Jordan’s humiliation that nobody
thought to inquire as to how Officer Tartarus had developed a “knack”
at extracting bottle bristles from the anuses of 19 year old male
technique was somewhat different to the doctor, and significantly
more uncomfortable for Jordan, first he started jiggling the wire
handle from side to side, and then he began to push and pull at the
brush, in an ‘in an out’ movement. Jordan could only gasp in horror
at the sensation this caused to him and as that sensation
intensified, Jordan was suddenly hit by the stark, cold reality that
his new neighbour the ranger was literally fucking him with a bottle
looked into the rangers eyes, and could see immediately that the man
knew exactly what he was doing, and that he was enjoying doing in.
However, as he stared, momentarily transfixed, by the intense
blackness of the man’s eyes, he sensed something else, something
deeper, darker, totally terrifying and not entirely human.
jerked back in horror, and spasm caused by the sudden movement
released the brush from the earlier grip, enabling the ranger to
remove it.
it!” said the Ranger holding up the, now somewhat crushed and
mangled brush!”
done!” said the doctor, “it is a good thing it was just plastic,
and not wire, otherwise it could have done internal damage, as it is
he will just be tender for a few days!
guys heal real quick!” laughed the ranger “that’s why you have to
keep spanking the young varmits!”
we had better make sure there is no infection!” mused the doctor,
he turned to a male nurse who had been standing watching the
entertainment. “The patient will need a double inoculation, please
prepare two syringes!”
Word “Syringes” shocked Jordan away from focusing on the unknown
horror he had seen in the Ranger’s eyes to the very real and
immediate terror of an injection.
Yelled Jordan “You are not jabbing me again!!”
for your own good!” growled Tartarus as he stepped forward, grabbed
hold of Jordan, and flipped him over onto his front, with such ease
that it was as it the boys was weightless. “there you go Doc!” he
looked down at Jordan’s, now upturned, bottom “there’s your target
… and ain’t it a perty one!!” he laughted as he held the the
struggling and protesting Jordan 
doctor picked up one syringe, as the nurse filled a second one. “This
is a new antiseptic serum!” he said “It is very effective, but
there is one side effect, it will make your bottom very sensitive for
a couple of day … so I recommend you avoid horse back riding!”
worry Doc!” laughed the Ranger “I somehow doubt he’s gonna’ want
to go horseback riding for quite some time!!”
please don’t!!” yelled Jordan “Give me a pill instead ….”
before the words had left Jordan’s mouth., the doctor had Jabbed the
needle hard into his right butt cheek, followed seconds later by the
nurse who jabbed his the second needle into the left cheek!!!
…. “YEEEAAAAAOOOCH!” Jordan’s yell echoed around the hospital
as now further pain was inflicted on his already very sore and tender
ranger bent down and whispered quietly into Jordan’s ear, his hot
breath tickling the boys neck as he did so “You really have had a
bad day haven’t you kid? …….. it would be a real shame if it got
To Be Continued!!

The Shaman’s Revenge (Part 9)

Shaman’s Revenge (Part 9)
Colby had just returned home after a very bad day, there had been a
lot of bad days recently, but that day had been one of the worst as
he had just lost the second job in three month. Chase’s boss. Will
Bryant, the Caretaker at Capsaicin College, had eventually tired of
the lazy young fool’s constant lateness and shoddy workmanship and
sacked him.
was a big problem for Chase as he needed the money. Due to his poor
credit rating he had needed to borrow money from a loan shark, and
the interest was very high, if he could repay the debt the lender was
likely to become very unpleasant.
significantly, on his scale of importance, Chase liked having money
in his pocked, it was a lot easier to ball chicks when a guy had
his financial concerns, however, Chase had still spent part of the
cash he had left on beer and some high quality weed from a dealer he
knew. He figured that a drink and a smoke would take his mind off
his troubles.

soon as the handsome young wastrel got home, he stripped naked and
spent ten minutes under a shower, the hot soapy water providing a
welcome balm to his lithe and tanned, perfectly formed but tense and
aching body.
stepping out of the shower and drying himself, he padded, still
naked, into the studio bedroom of his tiny apartment, and turned on
his huge “Ghetto blaster” style portable radio, tuned to a
station which played his favourite heavy rock music 24/7, then opened
a first bottle of beer, which he swiftly downed and followed with a

He then threw himself face down on the bed and rolled
himself a joint from the marijuana he had purchased earlier that day.
a few puffs of the expensive weed, Chase began to feel mellow and
relaxed, he leaned over and turned up the music as high as it would
go, yelling “Yeah man!” as he did so.
planned to only play the music for an hour or so, since the incident
with the wasps, which he was superstitiously convinced the weird old
East European man upstairs had something to do with, he had made sure
the he did not make any noise after 10:30 at night, when he believed
the old man went to bed.
good behaviour motivated by fear rather than good neighbourliness,
Chase had intended to do the same that night. However, the drugs
which his pusher had sold him was a lot more powerful than usual,
and the effect was intensified by combining it with the strong beer
he had just drunk. As a result, within twenty minutes of lighting
the first joint, the unlucky young hunk had fallen fast asleep.
would be unconscious for the next eleven hours, although he did not
sleep peacefully, as his dreams were troubled by the same reoccurring
nightmare, in which he was running naked through an endless field of
corn, pursued by a swarm of giant and angry hornets, all intent on
stinging his bare behind.
the long hours of hours of the night, the loud rock music continued
to blare out of the huge speakers wired to his ghetto blaster. The
noise was so loud, it smothered all other sounds, including his
elderly upstairs neighbour furiously hammering on the floor, and
threatening Chase with every agony that Hell had in store for him.
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Chase still slept, elsewhere in town, Jordan Draper had risen early,
and was up to no good. Before anyone else was awake he slipped out of
the house and hurried quietly across the road to the old McKinny
house, where the ranger was living, and he was intent on doing harm
in some way, although he had not yet decided what way.
the events of the last two days, it had become clear to Jordan that
having the ranger for a neighbour was really bad news for him, and
likely to get worse. He had to get rid of the ranger, or find some
way of stopping him from causing trouble.
ideas went through his head, perhaps he could find evidence of bad
deeds on the rangers part, which Jordan could use to blackmail the
officer into leaving town. It seemed obvious that a guy who took
such obvious pleasure in spanking a guy, and sticking needles in his
ass, had to be some sort of pervert, maybe there would be some
evidence of perversion in the house, which Jordan could use.
that, if the hose “accidentally” caught fire, the ranger would
have to more, or even better, the ranger might be trapped inside the
house when it burnt down.
vengeance also on his mind, the thought of the ranger burning to
death …. slowly ….. was not an unattractive prospect to Jordan at
that moment!
at the back of the old McKinny house, Jordan looked around for the
best way to get in, and noticed that a small skylight window in the
basement appeared to be unlocked. He pushed it with his foot and it
gave way. The window was unlocked, and it was just large enough for
him to squeeze through.
furtively glancing around to check that there was nobody watching,
Jordan climbed through the window and, with the agility of a young
fawn, jumped down to the floor below. The Mckinny basement was not
one of those which had been remodelled into a trendy residential
space, or underground games room, but instead it was the old style
storage space beneath the house, with a stained concrete floor,
exposed rafters and a single light bulb hanging on a wire from the
saw a light switch and turned on the single light, so as to be able
to better see where he was. As he did so, Jordan noticed an unlit
furnace and some cans of gasoline on one side of the room, these
would be useful if he did decide to burn down the house. However,
first he needed to find a way into the main living, and began
creeping towards a set of stone stairs leading to a doorway.
it was at this point that things became surreal, as suddenly, there
was a sound like a rushing wind around his feet, and then, to his
amazement his feet left the floor, as if some strange force was
lifting him up and tipping him forward, but instead of falling
towards the floor, he began floating upwards towards the ceiling, as
if his body was defying gravity.
the f….?” gasped Jordan, unable to fully comprehend what was
happening to him. He had once seen a show featuring a magician
seemingly levitating his assistant, but he was sure that was faked.
Whereas this was really happening. He reached out to grab at a
central pillar in an attempt to steady himself, but it was out of his
reach, and he just kept steadily rising like some weightless
that was not bizarre enough, suddenly first one shoe slipped off his
feet and fell to the floor followed by a second, then his jeans
became became strangely loose and began falling down his legs.
Jordan grabbed out to stop the jeans coming off totally, but it was
too late, as they had already slipped down his legs and joined the
shoes in a crumpled pile of blue denim on the floor.
could not believe what was happening to him, this shit couldn’t be
for real, he must be asleep and dreaming.
happened next made his realise with 100% certainty that he was wide
awake. He was now naked from the waste down, and as he continued to
float upwards , his exposed bare bottom was getting closer and closer
to the glowing light bulb. Of course as the light bulb was behind
him, Jordan was unaware that he was gliding towards it, until the hot
glass sphere touched the tender skin between his butt cheeks.
screamed Jordan “That’s FUCKING HOT!!!” indeed the bulb was very
hot, and inexplicably seemed to be getting hotter and hotter as it
rubbed against Jordan’s most tender and sensitive area. Then as if
two large invisible hands had grasped each butt cheek, and spread
them open, so that the glowing light bulb slipped between them, and
was soon pressed against the puckering pink rim of his anus.
“YYYYEEEEEOOOOOOOOO”” screamed Jordan as the bulb continued to
heat up. “Someone help me!!”
it seemed much longer, Jordan’s anus was, in fact, only in contact
with the bulb for a matter of seconds, but it was long enough to
singe the tender skin.
as if whatever had lifted him up was weakening its grip, Jordan began
descending back towards floor. Then suddenly, inanimate objects
which had been lying about the basement, seem to come to life, and
fly towards him, swirling around his backside and legs in a spectacle
reminiscent of some clever cartoon animation. However, their purpose
seemed altogether less innocent than most cartoons.
a pair of hard soled old arm boots flew at Jordan as he still floated
down before the left boot delivered a massive kick to his uplifted
backside, sending him flying forward, and causing one of his socks to
fall off. The right boot then kicked Jordan’s other butt cheek,
causing his second sock to fall off and Jordan to let out a further
cry of pain.
an old garden rake flew at this him and began jabbing his bottom with
it’s sharp prongs. Sometimes it jabbed the butt cheeks and sometimes
it jabbed between. Now on the floor, Jordan, tried crawling out of
range of the needle like prongs, but the fork followed him, still
jabbing away.
some way that Jordan couldn’t quite understand, as he crawled, his
hooded sweat shirt, also fell off, leaving him naked.
for all their bruising kicks and jabbing thrusts. The boots and the
garden fork were mere warm up acts compared to the next object
which was to assault the young athlete’s punished posterior.
Although smaller than the other items, who knew that a common plastic
bristled bottle brush could have such a devastating impact, if
inserted where it was about to thrust itself. 
the brush spun in circles, as if taking aim, then, with the
trajectory of a speeding bullet, it shot towards the unlucky young
athlete’s raised bottom, pushed between his buttocks, forcing open
the tight pink orifice between, and penetrating deep inside Jordan,
until every plastic bristle had vanished from view, and only the long
wire handle protruded from between the quivering cheeks.
a look of wide eyed shock on his face, opened his mouth to cry out,
but no sound came, and a silent scream echoed round the shabby
basement. He was like a frozen statue kneeling in an all fours “doggy
position” as the full enormity of the horror sunk in.
bristles of the bottle brush were only plastic, so they were not, in
reality, tearing his flesh, they just felt as if they were was.
However, it we not just the pain which further discomforted Jordan,
the bristles seemed to be pricking against every nerve end within in
his lower body, sending electric like pulses, similar to touching an
especially sensitive tooth, through his tense young body.
was causing sensations, he had never felt before, and never wished to
feel again. There are many straight men who derive secret pleasure
from anal penetration, but Jordan was not one of these men, for him
the sensation was nightmarish and incapacitating.
reached back, took hold of the wire handle and attempted to pull the
brush out if it’s new socket. However, the shock had caused his rear
passage to involuntarily tighten, with the result that the brush was
gripped firmly and would not budge.
flood or rational and and irrational thoughts washed back and forth
through his mind, he could understand very little of what had
happened within the last few frantic minutes, however the one stark
reality was that he needed to get this ghastly alien object removed
from his body, and for that, however embarrassing it might be, it
meant he had to find help.
attempted to stand up, but found he could not, as any attempt to
stand straight caused the bottle brush inside him to push against
nerves and muscle, causing an almost Sciatica like paralysis, which
kept him bent double. There was no way that he could either mount
the stairs, or climb back out the window, if he was stuck in this
he lay on the floor, effectively immobilised, the full nightmare
reality of his predicament became clear, he was trapped, stark naked
in the basement of an officer of the law, who obviously wished him
ill and who’s home he had just broken into. And top top it all, he
had a bottle brush wedged up his ass.
mounting horror Jordan realised that he was, well and truly, and
indeed literally, fucked!
be continued ….