Back Soon

I am sorry I have been inactive for so long. This has been partially due to the issues I had with the Blogger site, but mainly the result of a serious injury to my arm, which had a major impact on my creative ability.

However, I am now largely recovered, and have started work on two new series, one featuring Sore Bottom Finn and the other being a further instalment of “The Humiliation of Redman Dane”, which will appear in due course.

2 Replies to “Back Soon”

  1. I was so happy to hear your message, Bruce! Can’t wait for the new episodes and the continuation of your great work anymore 😉

  2. Hi ! . I’m glad that you recovered your health . But , since November 24 , 2022 , you didn’t publish anything . I’m crying for that . Me , a fan of your site , I am
    desperately disappointed . Then I saw , that now , you needed an username and password to access your works . What is it really . What about it ? . Can you give me the name of your New site and the instructions , the way in order to access it ? . Have a good day !!

    Thanks to come back ! ! !

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